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New York Yankees: Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation Giving Chance for Fans to Spend Day with Yankees Captain

June 12th, 2014 at 9:05 PM
By Michael Moraitis


The announcement from Derek Jeter's foundation was a chance for the fans to potentially meet the Yankees captain and shortstop, as the Turn 2 Foundation is holding a contest that gives a lucky fan a chance to spend the day with Jeter.

Details are in the Twitter link.


Derek Jeter's charity, the Turn 2 Foundation, has made it clear they have a special announcement planned for Friday.

Here's the tweet from Jeter's charity:

Now, this could be anything, but the way it was said makes it most intriguing.

Not only will it interest Turn 2 supporters, but also Jeter fans apparently have something to look forward to in this announcement.

Of course, you can support the charity and not be a Jeter fan, however Jeter's involvement in such a cause can make you a supporter of him and not necessarily his team, the New York Yankees.

It could be the Turn 2 Foundation has reached a specific goal in its fundraising, or perhaps it is something personal about Jeter since the Turn 2 Foundation Twitter page is Jeter's mouthpiece as The Captain doesn't have an account himself.

A marriage maybe? Will Jeter decide against retirement? I'd say the former is more likely, but who knows?

Only Jeter and his foundation know at this moment. Whatever it turns out to be, Yankees 101 will have it for you when it breaks on Friday morning.



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