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New York Yankees’ Brian Roberts Offers Advice to Former Orioles Teammate Manny Machado on Bat-Throwing Incident

June 10th, 2014 at 2:46 PM
By Douglas Rush

Brian Roberts knows Manny Machado very well; as they were former teammates when they were on the Baltimore Orioles last season.

While Machado is still with the Orioles, Roberts, now with the New York Yankees, still communicates on a regular basis with his former teammate and friend Machado, who just received a five-game suspension for his role in the bench-clearing incident this weekend against the Oakland A's.

It all started when Machado objected to being tagged roughly on a play by A's third basemen Josh Donaldson when then lead to Machado swinging and throwing his bat, which lead to his ejection from the game and ultimately, his five-game ban from the league.

On Tuesday, Roberts talked to the media and told them that he offered advice to the 21-year-old Machado and told him he's young and it's alright to admit to mistakes.

"Roberts said he exchanged text messages with the 21-year-old Machado Monday. "He said, 'I let my emotions get the best of me' and I said, 'Buddy, we've all been there.' I said the biggest thing is to own up to our mistakes and learn from them. Fifteen years from now, when your unbelievable career is over or toward the end, all those mistakes you made and learned from will make you a better person.I hate it for him that all the positive attention he got last year has turned so negative so fast, but I think people will like him even more from what he learns from it," Roberts added. "We've all been there, every single one of us that's been in this league for any amount of time has done something stupid or made some mistakes. Emotions run high in professional sports. It's part of it. You've got 40,000 fans every night expecting you to do something great, another million-plus watching. You've got 50 guys writing stories about you and it can feel like a lot of pressure at times."
Roberts added that even though Machado made a mistake and is now paying for it from the league by sitting for five games, it doesn't change how he still feels about his former teammate and friend.
"Manny's still one of my favorite young kids I've ever been around. That doesn't change because he made a mistake."
Roberts and Machado will see each other again next weekend when the Orioles head to the Bronx to play the Yankees in a three-game series at Yankee Stadium.
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