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2014 MLB Draft: Complete List of New York Yankees Draft Selections

June 8th, 2014 at 1:40 PM
By Douglas Rush

The 2014 MLB Draft has come and gone and the next wave of potential major league players will make their next step in their baseball careers.

The New York Yankees didn't have a first round draft pick in this year's draft due to their signing of free agents Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran, and so the Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals all received draft picks due to those teams offering those players a one-year qualifying offer to stay with the team and were rejected.

The Yankees did have picks from losing Robinson Cano to the Seattle Mariners and Curtis Granderson to the New York Mets, but those were cancelled out from the Ellsbury and Beltran signings; their original first-round pick went to the Braves since McCann was the first free agent to sign of the bunch. So the Yankees had to wait until the second round in Day 1 of the draft to make their first pick and then had picks in each following round thereafter.

Here is the complete list of draft picks made by the Yankees in the 2014 MLB Draft:

  • 2nd Round, 55th pick: Jacob Lindgren, LHP, Mississippi State
  • 3rd Round, 91st pick: Austin DeCarr, RHP, Salisbury HS
  • 4th Round, 122nd pick: Jordan Montgomery, LHP, South Carolina
  • 5th Round, 152nd pick: Jordan Foley, RHP, Centran Michigan
  • 6th Round, 182nd pick: Jonathan Holder, RHP, Mississippi State
  • 7th Round: 212th pick: Mark Payton, CF, Texas
  • 8th Round, 242nd pick: Connor Spencer, 1B, California
  • 9th Round, 272nd pick: Vince Conde,  SS, Vanderbilt
  • 10th Round, 302nd pick: Ty McFarland, 2B, James Madison
  • 11th Round, 332nd pick: Matthew Borens, RHP, Eastern Illinois
  • 12th Round, 362nd pick: Chris Gittens, 1B, Grayson CC
  • 13th Round, 392nd pick: Bo Thompson, 1B, The Citadel
  • 14th Round, 422nd pick: Sean Carley, RHP, West Virginia
  • 15th Round, 452nd pick: Andrew Chin, LHP, Boston College
  • 16th Round, 482nd pick: Derek Callahan, LHP, Gonzaga
  • 17th Round, 512th pick: Garrett Cave, RHP, South Sumter HS
  • 18th Round, 542nd pick: Justin Kamplain, LHP, Alabama
  • 19th Round, 572nd pick: Joe Harvey, RHP, Pittsburgh
  • 20th Round, 602nd pick: Corey Holmes, RHP, Concordia
  • 21st Round, 632nd pick: Porter Clayton, LHP, Oregon
  • 22nd Round, 662nd pick: Jake Kelzer, RHP, Indiana
  • 23rd Round, 692nd pick: Will Toffey, 3B, Salisbury
  • 24th Round, 722nd pick: Dominic Jose, CF, Stanford
  • 25th Round, 752nd pick: Dylan Barrow, RHP, Tampa
  • 26th Round, 782nd pick: Collin Slaybaugh, C, Washington State
  • 27th Round, 812th pick: Griffin Gordon, OF, Jacksonville State
  • 28th Round, 842nd pick: Lee Casas, RHP, USC
  • 29th Round, 872nd pick: Mariano Rivera, Jr., RHP, Iona
  • 30th Round, 902nd pick: Jorge Perez, RHP, Grand Canyon
  • 31st Round, 932nd pick: Devyn Bolasky, CF, California
  • 32nd Round, 962nd pick: Jordan Ramsey, RHP, UNC-Wilmington
  • 33rd Round, 992nd pick: David Graybill, RHP, Arizona State
  • 34th Round, 1022nd pick: Matt Wotherspoon, RHP, Pittsburgh
  • 35th Round, 1052nd pick: Christopher Hudgins, C, Valhalla HS
  • 36th Round, 1082nd pick: William Gaddis, RHP, Brentwood HS
  • 37th Round, 1112th pick: Ryan Lindemuth, 2B, William and Mary
  • 38th Round, 1142nd pick: Andre Del Bosque, RHP, Houston
  • 39th Round, 1172nd pick: Cameron Warren, 1B, Carl Albert HS
  • 40th Round, 1202nd pick: Madison Stokes, SS, A.C. Flora HS


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