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Robinson Cano is Terribly Missed in New York Yankees Inconsistent, Struggling Offense

June 2nd, 2014 at 11:59 PM
By Douglas Rush

It was the revenge of Robinson Cano on Monday night as the Seattle Mariners finished off a three-game sweep of the New York Yankees; Monday night's game was the makeup from their game that got rained out in early May.

The Mariners offense, which was once looked at as being inept and lacking firepower, ended up scoring 10 runs on the Yankees; six off Yankees starter David Phelps, and left the Yankees scratching their heads as they prepare to have the Oakland A's come into town for their next series at home. In the three game series, the Yankees ended up getting outscored by the Mariners 20-7.

Over the last four games, three of which were against the Minnesota Twins and the last one against the Mariners, the Yankees offense mustered up a total of eight runs against two teams who are not looked at as playoff contenders, yet the Yankees, with a $200-million plus payroll and all stars in their lineup like Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann and Derek Jeter, could only scratch across eight runs against two dismal teams this past weekend.

Fans aren't going to like what we're about to say, but it's a cold, hard fact and the truth; Cano's bat, presence and skill is sorely missed in the Yankees lineup in 2014.

Sure, it would have been tough to explain to the fan base giving a 31-year-old second basemen a 10-year deal after Alex Rodriguez's deal given his injuries and status with Major League Baseball (although right now, the Yankees could desperately use A-Rod and his bat in the lineup too, but that's for another day), but right now, the Yankees are paying for not coughing up the dough for Cano.

It's tough to lose a team's best player, which Cano had become with A-Rod, Mark Teixeira and Derek Jeter's aging over the last couple of years. Cano hit for power and average and was a Gold Glove second basemen. Sure, he might not have hustled down the line to first base, but he also played 99 percent of a season and stayed healthy; something a lot of players on the Yankees are having an issue with over the last two years.

After Monday, Cano is hitting .327 with two home runs and 31 RBI. Sure, the home runs aren't there; something expected when going from Yankee Stadium to Safeco Field, but Cano is still a solid hitter who can hit the ball all over the field and can still drive in runs, which is exactly what he is doing for the Mariners and not the Yankees in 2014. Do you think the Yankees could use a .327 hitter in the middle of their lineup right now driving in runs? You bet they do.

Sure, Cano doesn't make the Mariners a World Series contender and who knows if Cano will ever win another championship in the majors, but he sure made the Yankees a better team. Now, you can't look at Brian Roberts and say he's a terrible replacement because he's done just about everything asked of him this season on a one-year deal, plus it's hard to compare Cano, whose clearly in the prime of his career to Roberts, who is at the end of his.

But with Teixiera out of the lineup, along with Carlos Beltran missing time due to injuries and A-Rod serving a season-long suspension, and to go along with everyone not named Yangervis Solarte struggling to produce runs, the Yankees are finding out the hard way why they sorely miss Cano in their lineup.

Should the Yankees have given him 10 years? No. But their stance to stay at $175 million when he was clearly their best player is clearly biting the Yankees in the rear-end thus far.

You can cheer or boo Cano all you want for his business decisions, but his offense not in the Yankees lineup is being felt this season and with the lack of offense being generated over the last couple of games, Robinson Cano sure would be useful in the Bronx right about now.



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