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New York Yankees Don’t Need Dellin Betances as Much as Starting Pitching

June 1st, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Michael Moraitis

The New York Yankees don't need Dellin Betances, or at least not as much as they need a starting pitcher.

Michael Pineda suffered a setback in his rehab on Saturday and now he's going to miss more time. Add Pineda to the growing list of missing starters with Ivan Nova and CC Sabathia and before they can blink, the Yanks are missing 60 percent of their rotation for a long time.

Chase Whitely, Vidal Nuno and David Phelps have done an admirable job in replacing the injured starters, but how long can they really be depended on? They most certainly can't be trusted to take the Yanks to where they want to be, which is a World Series.

It's looking more and more like the Bombers are going to need two starters to boost their rotation rather than just one. Even if they come back, Pineda and Sabathia simply can't be relied upon to be on the mound on a regular basis. Not to mention, Hiroki Kuroda hasn't been himself since late 2013.

Throw in the fact that the uncertainty of Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran's health and you have a serious remodeling job to do.

Two starters are going to be costly in and of themselves. The Yanks need a stable of young players they can dangle in front of a team looking for youth and talent in exchange for help. Simply throwing Peter O'Brien and Gary Sanchez around isn't going to get everything done when other teams competing for these same players can offer more.

At the head of their current stable is Betances, who is lighting the baseball world on fire right now. Any and every trade the Yanks discuss with other teams will start with Betances. He's already somewhat proven in his short time in the big leagues as he looks untouchable against every batter he sees.

At 26, Betances has the look of a tremendous closer who can be successful for a decade and then some. That would be nice to have if you're any team, but David Robertson already has the Yankees' job and is good at it. Really good at it. So good, he's taken over for the greatest closer of all time and saved 11 of his 12 chances.

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Adam Warren is another reason the Yanks don't need Betances. Warren has been outstanding for the pinstripes in 2014 and is the Yanks' setup man until he loses it. Shawn Kelley's return will only boost the bullpen.

Granted, Robertson is a free agent after the season and he might leave, but the Yanks certainly have the money to re-sign him, and since when has anyone been worried about them spending money? The Alabama product is a proven elite reliever who has transitioned over to closer beautifully and can be trusted.

The Yankees can move forward and be successful in the bullpen without Betances. What they can't do is be successful with Betances and no starting pitching.

Now that's not to say Betances should be sold off for just anyone. The Yanks have got to be getting back a pitcher who isn't over-the-hill and can be signed with a long-term deal. Jeff Samardzija of the Chicago Cubs comes to mind, although other than that there isn't much materializing yet.

Don't Cliff Lee on my head and tell me it's raining. I wouldn't trade Betances' glove for him.

Soon, the summer will be upon us. Teams get more desperate and others get greedy, but deals will be made and the Yanks need a big one. In fact, the Yanks need two big ones if it's October they plan on seeing during Derek Jeter's final season.

If it means trading Betances, so be it. He couldn't possibly help this team right now as much as a Samardzija, or any other impact starter that becomes available can.


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