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Yankees Rumors: Alex Rodriguez Won’t Be Bought Out of Contract

May 25th, 2014 at 11:18 AM
By Michael Moraitis

Alex Rodriguez will return in 2015 and the only way he doesn't is if the New York Yankees organization buys out the remainder of his contractbut don't hold your breath for that.

According to Bob Klapisch of, Hal Steinbrenner has no plans to buyout A-Rod's contract and instead will make him earn every penny:

The whole notion of buying out the remainder of A-Rod’s contract seems dead for now. One major league official familiar with the Yankees’ thinking said, “Unless [the Steinbrenner family] offers A-Rod 100 cents on the dollar, why would he walk away?”

Indeed, no one has convinced Hal Steinbrenner to take even the slightest loss on the $60-plus million Rodriguez is still owed through 2017. The family has decided A-Rod will have to earn his every last dollar, even if it’ll mean being subjected to public ridicule.

In turn, Rodriguez has no plans on walking away unless Steinbrenner pays him every dollar he's owed over the next three seasons in any buyout agreement. So, with both sides not backing down, a reunion is inevitable in 2015 and beyond as long as A-Rod's body holds up.

And, let's be honest, that's what Steinbrenner is waiting for. He hopes that Rodriguez's body breaks down so that he's forced to retire and they can collect on the insurance money that would cover them for the remainder of the deal. That isn't far off from happening, either.

Even if it doesn't happen, maybe the Yanks get some production out of A-Rod and he actually helps the team win.

Apparently the Yanks don't care about the circus to come. Rodriguez will draw a ton of media attention no matter where he goes and his name and actions will be bigger than the team for as long as he's there. That won't amount to a good situation as it will be a major distraction for all involved, including A-Rod's teammates.

Not to mention, if Yangervis Solarte keeps up what he's done this season, New York already has an everyday third baseman and Rodriguez isn't really needed in that regard at all.

New York would be wise to at least consider paying A-Rod to go away. It would save a ton of headaches and while it wouldn't save money, the Yanks have plenty of that to burn and Rodriguez's money is peanuts compared to what the team will make down the road and what it will avoid with A-Rod gone.

It's time for the Yanks to open up their wallet, but this time to subtract a player, not to add one.


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