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Chicago Cubs May Look to Trade NL ERA Leader Jeff Samardzija; New York Yankees Could Be Potential Landing Spot

May 17th, 2014 at 8:17 PM
By Mike Warsaw

Jeff Samardzija has started eight games this season with a league leading ERA of 1.45. His domination of National League hitters is impressive, but as good as Samardzija has been, he has yet to win a game this year. With the Yankees looking for front line pitching, Samardzija would be a perfect fit in New York. According to a report by Jason Rubinstein of the New York Daily News, there is a good chance that Samardzija will be dealt this season.


Former Cub and current New York Yankee, Alfonso Soriano told Rubenstein that he agrees. "I don't know, it's 50-50," Soriano said. "Maybe he can be in my position too. If they put a good team to win, he stays. If not, he wants to win, so he wants to leave. It depends on the (Cubs). If he leaves, it's because the team they have is not competitive to St. Louis, Cincinnati, all those teams. In that division it's very hard because every team in the division is good." The Cubs looking to trade Samardzija is nothing new as he was on the block during Spring Training. The Cubs fielded offers but never got too serious with potential suitors.

Samardzija who was in the the final season of a seven year deal that he signed with Chicago back in 2007, inked a $5.345 million deal avoiding arbitration, in February. Although the Cubs have discussed extending him, if he remains unsigned, he will be a Free Agent next season. So the Cubs will have to decide which way they want to go with the talented righty. 

Soriano feels that for veteran players in Chicago it's tough because they want to win and the Cubs have not been able to rebuild the team into a winner. "That's hard because when I used to play there I just wanted to win like every year, every year," Soriano said. "But I getting older, and that's not happening and I just got to move on to go someplace that I want to win where we can be on the same page. This is New York and in New York they always want to win." 



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