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New York Yankees CC Sabathia Has ‘Degenerative Changes’ in Knee; No Timetable for Return

May 14th, 2014 at 9:22 PM
By Mike Warsaw

Usually when a player goes to see Dr. James Andrews it's because they may need Tommy john Surgery. New York Yankees pitcher, CC Sabathia traveled to Birmingham Alabama on Tuesday to see the famed doctor. Sabathia was not there for his arm, but for his troublesome right knee. Yankees GM Brian Cashman said on Tuesday that Sabathia was examined by the famed Orthopedist and had fluid drained from his knee.

Cashman said that Sabathia will have a cortisone shot and a stem cell injection on Thursday. Cashman also stated that there is no timetable for Sabathia's return from the DL.

Cashman spoke with the New York Posts George A King III, had this to say:

There are degenerative changes in his knee. He is going to receive an injection of cortisone and stem cell to try and deal with this. That's the protocol when you see degenerative. The knee is stable but he does have degenerative changes. What does that mean? He has cartilage breakdown. We have current and past players who have dealt with this.

Although there is no timetable for Sabathia's return, Yankee manager Joe Girardi remained optimistic, "It's just basically getting everything to calm down in his knee. You hope it's just the 15 days for CC." Cashman also stated that the examination on Sabathia's knee revealed no structural damage. Sabathia had a meniscus tear repaired in the knee during October of 2010. Sabathia has made eight starts for the Yankees this season. The veteran said that he first felt discomfort in his knee on May 4, against the Tampa Rays.

Cashman said that the procedure that CC will have has been successful for many players, including; Hideki Matsui, Randy Johnson, Andruw Jones and Raul Ibanez. "You drain the knee, inject the cortisone and stem cell into the knee and you see how it responds," Cashman said. "That's the typical protocol for for that. There have been a of successes through the process."


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