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Subway Series 2014: New York Yankees Pitching an Embarrassment at Yankee Stadium Vs New York Mets

May 13th, 2014 at 11:53 PM
By Douglas Rush

The good news for the New York Yankees; in two games at home against the New York Mets, their offense had scored 14 runs, which in most series, would be more than enough to win on any given night.

The bad news; their pitching staff surrendered 21 runs in those same two games, nine of which came in their loss on Monday night and then was followed by a 12-run trouncing at the hands of the Mets on Tuesday.

There is simply no excuses for that; against a team that struggled to score runs heading into their series starting on Monday, the Yankees should have cake-walked to two straight wins because seven runs should be more than enough to win a game, much less in two. But the pitching was not just bad, but down right terrible.

The only exception who gets a pass from this is Hiroki Kuroda, who despite giving up four runs in his start on Monday, pitched well enough to win for the team when he left the game leading 7-4. The bullpen is what did the team in on Monday night, surrounding five straight runs. Alfredo Aceves, Matt Thornton and Preston Claiborne combined to screw Kuroda out of a win that he earned.

But the bad pitching didn't stop there. On Tuesday night, the bad pitching for the Yankees went from horrible to just downright embarrassing and it all started with Vidal Nuno, who with the exception of his one start against the Los Angeles Angels, is making it harder and harder to keep him in the rotation with another lousy performance and not getting past the fifth inning, much less the fourth inning in this case.

After Nuno, Aceves came back to pitch again and he was terrible for the second straight game in allowing four runs in 1.2 innings and watched his ERA balloon up to 6.52 and thus, ending any chance of him being inserted into the starting rotation. Matt Daley managed to pitch three scoreless innings and got his ERA down to 8.52 in mop-up duty and wasn't really anything to brag about.

With the Yankees early injuries to Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda and most recently, to CC Sabathia, the Yankees could have hoped to count on their bullpen for help, but in the series against the Mets, they were anything but a major league staff and at times, didn't belong wear pinstripes. With Shawn Kelley hitting the DL, it takes a very shake bullpen now and makes it even worse and early on, it's like playing with matches over a gas stove when you insert these relievers in, especially Aceves and Claiborne lately.

For the Yankees sake and for Joe Girardi's sake, they can only hope that when the Subway Series shifts over to Citi Field on Wednesday, the bullpen finds their talent because if this continues, some of these pitchers will be finding new places of employment that won't be in the Bronx.


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