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Alex Rodriguez: New York Yankees 3B Has an Embarrassing Shaving Story

May 10th, 2014 at 8:49 AM
By Michael Moraitis

As if New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez wasn't having a difficult enough season thanks to his suspension for the entirety of the 2014 campaign, now comes a story about A-Rod's shaving habits that is nothing short of embarrassing.

Jose Moises Lopez is a barber located in the Bronx and has given cuts to many of the Yanks' players over the years, including A-Rod. However, it seems Lopez's services have extended beyond just giving a trim to head and facial hair.

According to Jaime Uribarri and Ginger Adams Otis of the New York Daily News, Lopez spilled the beans on where Rodriguez likes to groom himself aside from the head:

“I don’t know if he shaves his chest or anything more — I’ve never seen above the leg,” laughed Jose Moises Lopez, 35, who counts most of the Yankees roster among his high-profile clients.

“He always takes the hair off his legs. He always cares for himself, it’s better, he feels more hygienic,” Lopez said Friday from his shop near Yankee Stadium.

It's no secret Rodriguez shaves his chest also because we've seen photos of him shirtless before.

To make matters worse for Rodriguez, Lopez also dished on the time he helped Rodriguez shave his legs in the Yanks' clubhouse about four years ago:

“I was in the clubhouse before a game and I saw A-Rod shaving his legs with clippers,” Lopez said of the bizarre encounter about four years ago. “He has his own pair.”

“It was a little uncomfortable for him, you know, the angle, and he wasn’t doing it well. I was afraid he was going to cut himself,” Lopez recalled.

He offered to do the job for A-Rod and quickly started buzzing the fuzz off the infielder’s legs.

While Lopez and Rodriguez were in the act, they were caught red-handed by the team's catcher at the time, Jorge Posada, who didn't let what he witnessed go without a good teasing:

“It was just bad luck that Jorge Posada passed by and saw it,” chuckled Lopez. “His eyes grew huge and he burst out laughing. He couldn’t believe it and started teasing me about doing Alex’s legs.”

A-Rod didn’t turn a hair at the good-natured ribbing, Lopez said.

There have been no shortage of weird and funny moments during A-Rod's time in pinstripes, but this one has to be the best combination of both bizarre and outrageously funny by far.

Just imagine A-Rod, who has dated some of the most beautiful women on the planet and makes a boatload of dough each season, having his legs shaved by another man. It is the apex of femininity, which is disrespectful to women in and of itself because at least women can shave their own legs.

Posada catching him in the act makes this even more comical as the 17-year veteran had likely never seen anything remotely close to one man shaving another man's legs in the clubhouse before.

It's safe to say after this incredibly embarrassing story that Rodriguez won't be returning to that barber shop again.


Note: Photo Illustration by Isaac Lopez/New York Daily News; Photo by Getty Images

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