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Peyton Manning in Attendance for Yankees-Rays Game on Sunday to See Derek Jeter; Talks Retirement Advice

May 5th, 2014 at 2:58 PM
By Douglas Rush

In Derek Jeter's final season in the major leagues, everyone is wanting to catch one last glimpse of the captain in pinstripes, even Super Bowl winning quarterbacks who are likely headed to the Hall of Fame themselves.

On Sunday during the Yankees 5-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays, Jeter had an old friend in attendance as his guest for the game in the Bronx; current Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, along with his brother and current New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who caught the game in Jeter's personal suite at Yankee Stadium.

Before the game on Sunday, Manning talked about how he was in town to do David Letterman's show, but while he was in town, wanted to catch Jeter play one last time before the NFL season kicked off.

"This is the only time I'm going to get to New York before the (NFL) season starts and they're not coming to the (Colorado) Rockies this year. I wanted to get a good picture for my scrapbook. I really appreciate Derek's friendship. It's been a unique friendship. I'm doing (David) Letterman (Monday) night so I'm also going to play my respects to him. It's sad to see some of these guys retiring. I'm not far behind," he added.
One of the things that both Jeter and Manning shared and talked about before the game was retirement, especially since Jeter is calling it a career after the 2014 season and Manning is getting up in age and some have wondered just how many years left the Broncos quarterback will play in the NFL, even though right now, he's still playing at an elite level.
"He (Jeter) and I talked about that," Manning said. "I feel a lot better than I thought I would coming off that (neck) surgery a couple of years ago. When you miss a year to injury, when you get back out there, you feel rejuvenated. As long as I can still produce and help a team. I just don't want to be out there just hanging on. I hope I know when the right time is. I know it was hard for Derek. I know it'll be hard for me. But I can tell he's at peace with it and he's enjoying the season."
The 38-year-old quarterback just came off a season where he lead the Broncos to an AFC Championship and were the runners-up in Super Bowl XLVIII this past February and are expected to be a contender again so long as Manning is healthy. Manning knows what it's like to suffer an injury this late in his career as he missed all of the 2011 season due to neck surgery, an injury that lead to the Indianapolis Colts releasing him and signing with Denver.
Jeter fractured his ankle in Game 1 of the 2012 ALCS against the Detroit Tigers and that injury snowballed into a barrage of injuries for the Yankees captain which lead to him missing most of the 2013 regular season, but has returned healthy in 2014 to play one last year and go out with a bang.
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