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Robinson Cano Goes 1-for-5, RBI, 2 K’s in Bronx Return; Seattle Mariners Defeat New York Yankees 6-3

April 29th, 2014 at 11:59 PM
By Douglas Rush

On Tuesday night, it was the long-awaited return of Robinson Cano coming back to Yankee Stadium, but this time, it was as a visiting member of the Seattle Mariners and not as a member of the New York Yankees like he had been over the last nine years.

Before the game, Cano was hoping that the Bronx crowd would greet him warmly which he had mentioned on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show, but it was anything but that for the 31-year-old who bolted the Yankees to sign a 10-year, $240 million deal with the opposing Seattle Mariners, as he was greeted with loud boos in each and every at-bat he took.

Cano struck out in his first at-bat facing off against Yankees lefty ace CC Sabathia in the top of the first inning. In the fourth inning, Cano hit a weak grounder to first basemen Mark Teixeira, which put him at 0-for-2 on the night.

In the top of the fifth inning, Cano hit an RBI groundout against Sabathia that got the Mariners on the board, making it 2-1 at the time, although that would be the beginning of the end for Sabathia as he would let up the lead and allowed four runs in that inning to allow Seattle to take a 4-2 lead.

In the top of the seventh inning, now facing off against Dellin Betances, Cano hit a weak blooper towards second that Yangervis Solarte couldn't field in time and thus, allowed Cano to get an infield single, the first of the night for the former Yankee. During Corey Hart's at-bat, Cano stole his second base of the season and then scored on an RBI single by Dustin Ackley to make it 5-2.

In the top of the eighth inning, Cano struck out on a check swing that looked like he held up, but because of the rain coming down heavily, the umpires might have punched out Cano where normally, he might have gotten the call in favor, but instead, was rung up for his second strikeout of the night.

The Yankees attempted to rally in the ninth inning against closer Fernando Rodney and got a run off him, but in the end, the Mariners hung on to win 6-3 and win in Cano's return to the Bronx. In the game, Cano went 1-for-5 with an RBI, two strikeouts, a stolen base and a run scored. The RBI was Cano's 12th of the season and after Tuesday night, Cano is now hitting .296 on the season.

The fans let Cano have it each time he came up to bat, every time he fielded a ground ball and every time he was on the field, but for one night, the fans remembered why they were booing him; because deep down, they still wish he was wearing the number 24 jersey in pinstripes with a clean-cut look instead of wearing the road number 22 Mariners uniform with a beard and playing second base.

However, the Yankees fans can rest a little easier heading into the night knowing that their team is still in first place, while the Mariners are still a fourth place team.


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