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Robinson Cano Compares Playing with New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners

April 28th, 2014 at 6:52 AM
By Michael Moraitis


That's the most common word used when Robinson Cano compares playing with the New York Yankees versus his new team, the Seattle Mariners.

Cano signed a $240 million deal with the Mariners during the offseason, choosing the more lucrative deal instead of the one that would have kept him in the Bronx for less money.

So, as Cano returns to Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, what does he think of his new place?

Here's what the second baseman had to say, per Anthony Rieber of Newsday:

"I like it here," the now-bearded Cano said. "It's nice. The team's really nice. I like the team, the city. Playing baseball, the fans, it's really nice. Here it's more relaxed. It's not as intense as New York. In New York, when the game is over, everyone is looking at what's wrong. Here we don't have that."

That's a lot of "nice" in one quote. It seems Cano is enjoying his time in Seattle with the spotlight not being so bright. It's not surprising considering Cano's sometimes seemingly lazy approach to playing the game, which was evident in his fielding style and running the bases.

It remains to be seen if Cano will thrive not having that kind of pressure on him day to day, however it's something that could lead to him losing his competitive edge without such a driving force behind him.

In the same Newsday article, Cano also touched on the potential fan reaction when he steps to the plate for the first time:

"I have to say I hope it's good," said Cano, who will be a guest of Jimmy Fallon's Monday on "The Tonight Show." "Hopefully they understand that this is a business and I don't have anything against the fans, the team, anybody. I can tell you I'm excited to go back and be able to see guys that I played with for a long time. Be able to see [Derek] Jeter play in his last year. Just looking forward to going back."

While his former teammates may understand this is a business, Cano likely won't get the same understanding from Yankees fans who feel betrayed that he left. Loyalty is a big thing in sports in general and the Yankees Universe feels Cano lacked such a trait in his departure to Seattle.

The boos will be evident and are to be expected upon his return to the Bronx, but there's nothing Cano can do to change that. It comes with the territory of leaving New York for more money and it will follow Cano whenever he comes back to his old stomping grounds.

If Cano thought he was uncomfortable in New York as a member of the Yankees, just wait until he goes to Yankee Stadium as a member of the opposing team.

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