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New York Yankees 1B Mark Teixeira Will not Be Ready for Spring Games Until Early March or Later

February 23rd, 2014 at 10:08 PM
By Mike Warsaw

First baseman Mark Teixeira will not appear in games for The New York Yankees when the Grapefruit League kicks off next week. In fact, the Yanks don't expect Teixeira to be ready for game play until the first week of March or later.

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Teixeira has not even taken swings in live batting practice this spring in Tampa. On Thursday Tex did not swing at any of Jim Millers pitches in BP. But that was planned as the Yankees continue to consult with doctors as the first baseman works his way back from off-season wrist surgery. He has primarily been taking swings off a tee and has been been taking batting practice from Yankees coaches, away from the team. "I am following doctors orders", Teixeira said. Teixeira has had wrist issues since suffering the injury in the 2012 season. The surgery was supposed to correct the problem, but Teixera has recovered slowly.

Big Tex has been forced to tape both wrists in order to swing a bat this spring. Tex had never taped his wrist before this season. He started taping the wrists back in January and will continue to do so throughout this season. Most likely he will need to tape for the entire season. "the tape feels good and I tape my self," Teixeira added. He suffered a similar tendon injury in 2009, but he did not need to tape the injury. On Thursday in Tampa Teixeira said that he wasn't sure when he would start to take live batting practice. "Probably a week to ten days", Teixeira said when asked when he might get back in the batting cage. 

That would be the first step for Tex this spring. The next step would be actually playing in a game, that seems to be further off. The earliest he thinks he can play in an exhibition game would be at home against the Nationals on March 3rd. But he doesn't have a concrete return date and it could be mid to late March until he sees live game action. One thing is for sure, the Bombers will not rush Big Tex. Teixeira mentioned earlier this spring that he expects to feel tightness in his wrist for a good part of the season. He also added that the tightness could effect him for the entire 2014 campaign. 

Teixeira has vowed to play at least 150 games this season. He feels that his recovery is coming along well and he is confident that he will make a return to full health. Although he has been recovering for a while, he has not suffered any setbacks. Teixeira said it is all part of the schedule laid out in July after he had the torn tendon sheath repaired in his right wrist. "So far so good, I know it's a process and there's still strength to get in there, still building up bat speed. But I feel good about how it feels. The swing and the performance will come later" Teixeira said.



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