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Texas Rangers’ Yu Darvish Says Yankees Paid Masahiro Tanaka Too Much; Later Apologizes for ‘Apparent Joke’

February 19th, 2014 at 12:42 AM
By Doug Rush

There had been some question about the contract that the New York Yankees gave Masahiro Tanaka last month; seven years and $155 million and if he was really worth it given he had never pitched in the United States before.

At one point, it had looked like Texas Rangers ace pitcher and fellow countryman Yu Darvish had spoken out on the contract that the Yankees had offered Tanaka this winter and felt like the overpaid for the 25-year-old starter who went undefeated in 2013.

“I don’t know too much about the new posting system, but I think the Yankees gave him too much."

Darvish's contract is for six years and $56 million under the old posting system in which teams would submit a blind bid in order to win the rights to negotiate with that player exclusively, and then the team would negotiate an actual contract. Two winters ago, the Rangers outbid the Yankees and several other teams for Darvish's services, but two years later, the posting system is more so like actual free agency and every team has a chance to negotiate and the player chooses his own team instead of a team bidding for negotiation rights.

However, Darvish quickly backtracked on his comments about Tanaka, and apologized on his Twitter account for any misunderstanding that occured and said he thought everyone knew he was joking about his comments.

Shortly afterwards when he cleared everything up with him and Tanaka, Darvish said that Tanaka had fellow Japanese pitchers Hiroki Kuroda, Hisashi Iwakuma along with himself to thank for getting the kind of deal he did with the Yankees this past winter.

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