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New York Yankees Made Offer to Stephen Drew Earlier in Offseason

February 18th, 2014 at 10:14 PM
By Doug Rush

Currently, there are four teams interested in Boston Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew; two of which are the Red Sox and the New York Mets and the other two teams identities remain unknown. One of those teams as we know is not the New York Yankees.

The Yankees are sticking to their guns at shortstop going with Derek Jeter as the starter and Brendan Ryan as the backup and Kelly Johnson as the third basemen and will not budge off their stance on the veteran infielder. A few months ago though, the Yankees were in on Drew.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post has reported that earlier in the offseason, the Yankees made an offer to Drew along with other free agents; probably the same offers that Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran had and eventually signed, but after signing some of those players, decided to withdraw their offer out for Drew.

"Early in the offseason, the Yankees – with so many holes to fill – used a strategy of making many offers at one time, letting agents know that with each signing, they would re-assess and pull some bids. The Yankees actually made Drew an offer at that time, believed to be for two or three years, when the shortstop was still looking to do considerably better – four or five years. And, as it happened, the Yankees spent more than they anticipated on players such as Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury and Masahiro Tanaka and, at some point, rescinded the offer for Drew."

The Yankees have had their eye on Drew, but the numbers have never matched up. Last year, the Yankees offered him a one-year deal to be the starting third basemen, but Drew declined and they signed Kevin Youkilis. Then Drew ended up taking a one-year offer anyway from Boston. The Yankees reported offer a few months ago was for a multi-year deal with the hopes of Drew playing third base in 2014 while Alex Rodriguez served his season-long suspension, and then have him take over for Jeter after he retires in 2014. However, Drew wanted more money and years on the contract; something he may not end up getting the longer he's on the market.

The Yankees are going to bank on Jeter staying healthy for his final farewell season. Johnson will be sticking to third with A-Rod not available, but even if it doesn't work out or players get hurt, the Yankees will have to look for replacements anyway. By that time, Drew will be off the market, and the Yankees will have to deal away prospects for either a shortstop or third basemen.

Until Drew is officially off the market and signed by a team, the Yankees names will continue to come up as a suitor for him, mostly because of Jeter's retirement and questions of health from a year ago, but the team for the time being will stick by their captain as the shortstop for one more year.

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