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New York Yankee Masahiro Tanaka Rents Boeing 787 for Grand Entrance

February 11th, 2014 at 1:31 AM
By Mike Warsaw

What to do with a $155 million dollars? How about flying first class? Masahiro Tanaka, the newest Yankee millionaire landed at JFK International Airport on Sunday in a $200,000 rental.

'JAL737-800Osaka Itami Airport' photo (c) 2014, PYONKO OMEYAMA - license:

The New York Yankees latest signing has wasted no time acclimating to the jet set life style. Masahiro Tanaka landed at JFK airport on Sunday in a chartered jet, a Boeing 787 dreamliner. The big bill for the excursion will take a nice chunk out of the Japanese star's newly signed multi-million dollar deal with the Bombers. Tanaka who feared weather concerns in Japan did not want to take any chances with his flight being canceled. Tanaka wanted to arrive in New York for Tuesday's press conference with the New York Yankees, with plenty of time to spare. 

The jumbo jet is designed to carry a large load. The airliner boasts a total weight of 502,500 pounds and can carry 242 passengers. Tanaka definitely had plenty of leg room as there were over 200 empty seats. The total number of human passengers was five, including Tanaka, his wife and manager. The overall total was six, the sixth passenger was Tanaka's toy poodle, Haru. 

As part of Tanaka's contract with the Yanks, he will get reimbursed for the price of one first class ticket for the non-stop jaunt, tallying 5,870 miles. Part of Tanaka's agreement with the Yankees, was that he would receive several round trip tickets to Japan each season. The flight provided by Japanese Airlines would have cost $19,775 for one first class ticket. So that will be picked up by the pinstripes. Tanaka's total tab for the trip will be $180,000. Boeing launched the 787 in April of 2004. It was the most successful premiere for a twin aisle commercial plane in Boeing's 98 year history. Japanese Airlines first started flying the dreamliner on April 22, 2012. 

Tanaka who signed a $155 million dollar contract in January, will be officially introduced by the Yankees on Tuesday. Tanaka, 25, had a storied career in Japan. The 2007 Pacific League, Rookie Of The Year compiled an impressive, 99-35 record, with a  2.30 ERA and 1238 strikeouts in seven seasons with the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. In 2013 Tanaka went undefeated, with an impressive 24-0 record and a superb, 1.87 ERA.

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