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YES Network, New York Yankees Announcer Michael Kay Takes Shot at Mike Francesa Over Show Replacement on Network

February 3rd, 2014 at 5:07 PM
By Doug Rush

On Monday, it was the first ever simulcast of the Michael Kay Show on the YES Network alongside with his broadcast partner Don La Greca; a show that many used to be able to hear on ESPN Radio, but now, airs on the same network that Kay calls games of for the New York Yankees.

Kay's show replaces Mike Francesa of WFAN Radio, who for over 12 years, had a simulcast deal to have his show broadcasted live on the air, but that deal officially ended on Sunday when he concluded his final The NFL Now show before Super Bowl XLVIII and will look for a new television home; some think it will be on the MSG Network. The fallout between the YES Network and Francesa likely occurred when he allowed Alex Rodriguez to come onto his show and publicly vent his frustrations about Major League Baseball, Bud Selig and the team themselves, thus giving the network reason to end their stint with Francesa.

On Monday, in the opening segment of Kay's show on YES, he took a shot at Francesa as he picked up a bottle of Diet Coke and tossed it in the trash can; Francesa was seen drinking the soda during his broadcast many times throughout the five-hour show and was known for being his drink of choice.

Francesa and Kay have had their squabbles over ratings of their show; Francesa's has been the number one show in his time slot for a very long time, yet Kay would still take shots at Francesa and on the debut of his show being aired on the network and taking over the television spot he once had, Kay decided to take one more jab.

Neil Best from Newsday asked Francesa about the move by Francesa and La Greca, in which Francesa replied in Mike Francesa form, which is to slam his competition and let them know that he is in fact, number one:

If this war of words should continue, it'll make for some very interesting news to watch the two media egos battle back and forth on their respective shows. In the mean time, get your popcorn ready.


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