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New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez Sues MLB, MLBPA in Hopes of Getting 162-Game Suspension Overturned

January 14th, 2014 at 2:35 AM
By Doug Rush

On Saturday, federal arbitrator Frederic Horowitz dropped the hammer down on New York Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez when he reduced his 211-game suspension to a 2014 season-ending suspension that will be for 162 games, plus the postseason.

In an effort to try and get back onto the field for the Yankees in 2014, plus prove that the league was singling him out from the beginning in their Biogenesis case against him, Rodriguez has filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball, along with the Major League Baseball Players Association with his efforts of trying to get the 162-game suspension completely overturned in court.

"The suit seeks to vacate Horowitz's ruling, based on the arbitrator's "manifest disregard for the law," his "evident partiality," and refusal "to entertain evidence that was pertinent and material to the outcome." The complaint calls the 162-game ban "wholly unjustifiable" and alleges that Horowitz ignored the stipulation of baseball's Joint Drug Agreement, which calls for a 50-game ban for a first-time drug offense."

The original 211-game suspension was handed down by commissioner Bud Selig for A-Rod's alleged involvement in purchasing and using performance enhancing drugs, as the clinic's former owner and operator Anthony Bosch stated. Rodriguez appealed the decision which went to an arbitration hearing at the end of September.

In November, after Horowitz ruled that Selig did not have to testify at the arbitration hearing considering he was the one who ruled for the 211 games for Rodriguez, A-Rod stormed out of the hearing, which lead to him appearing on Mike Francesa of WFAN's radio show to blast baseball and Selig, plus to declare his innocence.

Rodriguez and his lawyers feel that Horowitz acted unjustly and with tremendous bias, but Horowitz felt that he acted fairly in his decision to suspend Rodriguez for the entire 2014 season. A-Rod's lawyers can also file for an injunction to have the suspension delayed until it is decided in federal court, but having the injunction happen at this point seems unlikely.

Whether or not Rodriguez is able to step back onto the field for the Yankees in 2014  remains to be seen, but the war between the 38-year-old third basemen and the sport seems like it has only begun and could drag out for quite a while.

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One Response to “New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez Sues MLB, MLBPA in Hopes of Getting 162-Game Suspension Overturned”

  1.  Robert says:

    I have to admit, I am one of the delusional Yankee fans that thought Alex wasn’t ignorant enough to put himself in this position AGAIN!!! With the apparent, overwhelming evidence against him, I believe it is time for Alex to come clean and save whatever bit of respect he has left. It truly amazes me that people like Alex, with all that natural talent, exist out there. For the life of me I can’t comprehend, why??

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