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New York Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez Would Drop Fight Against MLB for Reduced Suspension: Report

January 9th, 2014 at 7:27 PM
By Doug Rush

Shortly after Alex Rodrigez stormed out of the arbitration hearing nearly two months ago, he told Mike Francesa of WFAN on his radio show that he was never going to serve one game of his 211-game suspension that was handed down to him back in August.

However, the starting third basemen for the New York Yankees may be changing his stance on his fight against baseball, as Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York has reported that Rodriguez is willing to discuss the possibility of a reduced suspension in exchange for not taking MLB to court if they hand down a punishment.

"According to the source, a suspension longer than 100 games will likely lead Rodriguez and his attorneys to pursue a temporary restraining order against Horowitz's ruling in federal court. If he is given a shorter suspension, however, "then Alex will have some things to think about," the source told According to the source, who has been privy to some internal discussions in the Rodriguez camp, the player is weighing the financial implications of continuing to fight this battle versus accepting a suspension that will allow him to take the field sometime in the second half of the coming season."

If federal arbitrator Frederic Horowitz gives the 38-year-old Yankee slugger a suspension that is greater of 100 games, then he will have his attorneys; which are lead by Joe Tacopina, Jordan Siev, Jim McConnell and David Cornwell, file a motion for an injunction to force the suspension to be held up pending a case in federal court. If such injunction were to happen, then Rodriguez were to play while the case took place in federal court.

If Rodriguez were to get suspended 100 games, it would cost him at least $15 million of the $27.5 million he's owed in 2014, but if he were to be suspended 50 games, then that penalty would only cost him $7.5 million and thus, would still collect $20 million of his owed salary for this season.

While asking his lawyers and advisers on what to do next while awaiting Horowitz's decision on the potential ban, once source told Matthews that Rodriguez might be ready to "accept his medicine and move on" because the mental anguish of not knowing if he'll ever play again has mentally worn on him and he wants to return to play for the Yankees and resume his career.

In the 44 games that he was active for, Rodriguez hit .244 with seven home runs and 19 RBI; numbers that were all better than the other third basemen that played for the team in 2013, so if the Yankees can get Rodriguez back for most of the season and put him into the lineup, then they would benefit while saving a bit of money on his contract.

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