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Alex Rodriguez Very Confident He’ll Be Playing for New York Yankees in 2014

December 14th, 2013 at 11:20 PM
By Doug Rush

It won't be for another month on the decision regarding Alex Rodriguez's arbitration hearing regarding the 211 game suspension handed down to him from Major League Baseball back in August.

Despite being felt that the hearing was a sham and a farce due to arbitrator Frederic Horowitz not forcing MLB commissioner Bud Selig to testify at the hearing, things could be looking in Rodriguez's favor, especially since a Manhattan judge on Friday rejected MLB's attempt to have his public relations consultant held in contempt of court and be forced to testify and provide documents to incriminate his client.

Rodriguez spoke at David Ortiz's charity golf tournament this past week while in the Dominican Republic and said he felt very confident that he will be playing third base for the Yankees in the 2014 season and will be ready to go at the start of the season.

"Yes, I feel confident. I'm preparing as always, working hard. I feel completely healthy, I have the entire offseason to prepare for it," Rodriguez said in Spanish to a group of journalists Saturday at the Punta Espada golf course where David Ortiz is hosting his Celebrity Golf Classic to raise funds to help children with heart problems. "We have to get out of this and start talking baseball, about the good things with MLB and about my hard training work to get back in the middle of the Yankees' lineup," Rodriguez said.

Last season, Rodriguez didn't make his debut for the Yankees until August 5, the same day the 211 game suspension was handed down to him from baseball, but because he and his lawyers appealed the verdict, he was able to play in 44 games for the Yankees in 2013 and batted .24 with seven home runs and 19 RBI in his limited time with the team. A-Rod did deal with some soreness in his legs when he played but that was mostly due to him not being able to play in any spring training games due to recovering from a torn labrum in his hip, which required surgery this past January.

If A-Rod were to be suspended for the 2014 season, his $25 million salary for the year wouldn't have to be paid and the Yankees could use that money for free agents or players acquired during the winter. However, if he were to play, then it allows Brian Cashman to not have to go searching for another third basemen for the season because even at 37 years old, A-Rod is still an extremely effective bat for the Yankees and can still be a force in the middle of the lineup.

Even if Rodriguez were to be served with a suspension, his lawyers would likely serve an injunction that would hold up the 211 game or however number of game suspension that is given to Rodriguez next month, which would force the hearing to go to federal court and thus, allow Rodriguez to be able to play at the start of the season while the hearing continued on.


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