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Former New York Yankees Manager Joe Torre Voted into National Baseball Hall of Fame

December 9th, 2013 at 4:49 PM
By Doug Rush

On Monday during the first day of baseball's Winter Meetings down in Orlando, Florida, the veterans committee voted on three new members for the Class of 2014 on the baseball Hall of Fame.

The first two were Bobby Cox; former manager of the Atlanta Braves and Tony LaRussa; former manager of the St. Louis Cardinals and Oakalnd A's. The third; former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre.

The now 73-year-old former Yankees manager won the World Series with the Yankees upon his arrival in the Bronx in 1996 after defeating the Braves and then won three more World Series from 1998-2000. He also got the Yankees to the World Series in 2001 and 2003, but lost in those series.

After retiring from baseball as an active player, Torre became a manager with the New York Mets in 1977 until 1981; where he was fired after two stints with the team. In 1982, he took over as the manager of the Atlanta Braves, but only lasted three seasons there before being fired again after the 1984 season.

In 1990, Torre then took over as the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals and lasted there until 1995 after being let go again for the third time before taking over for Buck Showalter when he was let go following that season and Torre lasted 11 years in the Bronx.

With the Yankees, Torre had a 1,173-767 record, won 10 American League East division titles, six American League Championship titles and four World Series. He also won American League Manager of the Year in 1996 and 1998 as well. After failing to come to an agreement on a contract extension following the 2007 season, Torre left the Bronx to manage the Los Angeles Dodgers for three seasons in 2008-2010 and then retired from baseball after 2010.

In his 29 seasons as a manager, Torre compiled a 2,326-1,997 record and the final accomplishment left in Torre's historic career is the nod into the Hall of Fame; in which he, Cox and LaRussa will all be enshrined at Cooperstown, New York this summer.

Photo creditKeith Allison / / CC BY-SA


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