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Seattle Mariners Emerging as Serious Bidders for New York Yankees’ Robinson Cano: Report

December 3rd, 2013 at 6:34 PM
By Doug Rush
Up until Tuesday, the New York Yankees were bidding against themselves to retain the services of free agent second basemen Robinson Cano; who is currently looking for a deal in the nine-year, $250-260 million range.
With the Yankees offer standing firm at the seven-year, $168 million range, both sides aren't budging on what they want and while both sides continue their game of chicken in negotiations, a new team has finally emerged with interest in the 31-year-old second basemen.
Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York reported on Tuesday that the Seattle Mariners have emerged as serious bidders for the Yankee second basemen and could be willing to go up to eight years and around $200 million in regards to a deal.
"The Seattle Mariners have emerged as major players in the sweepstakes for free agent Robinson Cano, according to several sources who spoke to on Tuesday on the condition of anonymity."
One baseball executive told Matthews that it's a 50-50 shot that Cano even comes back to the Yankees, as he has to decide if he's really chasing big time money with the risk of playing for a losing team like the Mariners, or if he wants to be a Yankee and have a chance of winning every season.
Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik didn't confirm that he is interested in Cano, but also didn't deny that there is interest either, as the Mariners have one of the weakest-hitting lineups in the American League and fail to score runs on a nightly basis.
"We've talked to everybody," Zduriencik told ESPNNewYork's Andrew Marchand on Tuesday. "There's not a free agent we haven't talked to. We've cast a wide net.''
While some might think that Cano and his agents Jay-Z and Brodie Van Wagenen are getting involved with the Mariners simply as leverage to get the Yankees to budge from their offer, the Mariners have a lot of money to spend this winter and are so desperate for offense that they might be willing to outbid the Yankees for Cano.
If Cano were to leave and play for the Mariners, the Yankees would be forced to go with a Plan B, which would be for players like Omar Infante of the Detroit Tigers or Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds; both players the Yankees have inquired on this winter.
It will be very interesting to see the Yankees and general manager Brian Cashman's reaction to a team like the Mariners getting into the mix for Cano and if he sees them as a threat to sign him away from the Yankees and if he will bump up their current offer or if he simply passes and moves on from perhaps the best second basemen in the game.

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