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New York Yankees Won’t Go Over $200 Million on a Contract for Robinson Cano This Winter: Report

December 2nd, 2013 at 11:07 PM
By Doug Rush

In the chess match that is the contract negotiations between free agent second basemen Robinson Cano and the New York Yankees, the latest move has been made which may slightly alter how the negotiations go for both sides.

This past week, Cano and his agents, Jay-Z and Brodie Van Wagenen dropped their asking price on what they are looking for in a contract from the Yankees, which was at 10 years and $310 million, but has reportedly dropped to the range of $250-260 million over nine years. The Yankees would prefer to pay him a lot less than that.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports reported on Monday that the Yankees do not want to go over the $200 million range for a contract for their second basemen and are staying firm on their offer, which is in the neighborhood of the seven years for $160-168 million range.

"Long baseball's spending leviathan, the New York Yankees are adamant their stance in negotiations with the star second baseman is not pure posturing, sources told Yahoo Sports. Despite Cano's request for a nine-year, $252 million deal in the parties' last meeting, the Yankees do not believe Cano is worth the highest average annual value in the game and are sticking hard by a seven-year, $160 million offer that they tell executives and agents may have $15 million of wiggle room. "They are not going to go to $200 million," one executive familiar with the Yankees' plans said. "Period."
This comes on the same day that both sides met up again after the holidays to resume negotiations and nothing really changed with the exception of the fact that the Yankees are making it well aware that they don't want to spend over $200 million to retain their All Star second basemen, even though he is arguably the best player at his position in the league.
Last week, it was reported that the Yankees were mulling over the notion of going up to an eighth year on a deal, which could get talks going in the right direction, but given the fact that the team is trying to bring in other free agents like Carlos Beltran, Joe Nathan, Masahiro Tanaka and another one of their own free agents in Hiroki Kuroda, plus others.
Up to this point, the Yankees are the only team that has any interest in Cano and has made an actual offer to the 31-year-old; the Dodgers, Tigers, Rangers and Nationals all have yet to express interest. The Mets have already said that the likelihood of them spending the money to sign Cano was very unlikely, which again puts the Yankees in a case where they are bidding against themselves.
If Cano were to somehow leave the Yankees and sign elsewhere, something that many do not expect to happen, the team has inquired on Detroit Tigers infielder Omar Infante and Cincinnati Reds second basemen Brandon Phillips.

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