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Why New York Yankees Need to Rid Themselves of Alex Rodriguez If Latest PED Suspension Happens

June 5th, 2013 at 8:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

There's a reason why one of the many nicknames Alex Rodriguez has in New York is "the lightning rod."

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Since his arrival for the New York Yankees, he's been the centerpiece of controversy, and lately, it seems like he's the centerpiece of embarrassment to the franchise, especially with the latest performance enhancing drugs (PED's) scandal.

In his latest public escapade, Rodriguez is one of 20 players in Major League Baseball facing a suspension from the league due to his involvement and illegal purchasing of PED's from a Miami clinic, plus purchasing and destroying the documentation that would tie him to the scandal.

What's amazing is that the 37-year-old third basemen has yet to step foot on a baseball field for the Yankees in 2013, as he is recovering from hip surgery and was rehabbing towards a comeback to the team sometime after the All Star break in July. Yet, somehow, he finds himself in spotlight again.

Yet, Major League Baseball may look to make sure A-Rod doesn't set foot on a field, because if his suspension holds up, it will be for 100 games, as MLB feels that the Yankees slugger is on strike two because he lied about his involvement with the Miami based clinic and used the PED's.

What the Yankees are upset about is that A-Rod purchased the illegal drugs without their knowledge, and even back in January, Andrew Marchand of ESPN had reported that the Yankees were working on trying to void the remainder of the slugger's deal, which is for five years and $114 million.

From the story done by Pedro Gomez and TJ Quinn of ESPN, the doctor who runs the clinic, Dr. Anthony Bosch, is cooperating with MLB and will name the players involved in the scandal, which will give the league enough ammunition to levy the said 20 players with suspensions, with Rodriguez and Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun taking the most heat of it.

Marchand said the Yankees won't do anything until MLB conducts their investigation and hands out punishment, which may then prompt the team to act, and act swiftly.

There's no easy way to say this, but the Yankees need to get rid of Rodriguez from the team. He is not just a "lightning rod" for controversy, but lately, he is just a black cloud of bad aura that will follow the team if he is on the roster. Imagine if A-Rod is kept on the team and actually attempts to come back for the Yankees? The media alone will eat him up, not to mention the fans who will never let him hear the end of what he has done.

Currently, Rodriguez makes $28 million in 2013, and that's basically money wasted on a guy who is well past his prime, and who has also been caught lying in the past about taking PED's, as he was back in February of 2009. Now, it looks like he might be caught for a second time, only this one was under the Yankees watches.

Just like they did back in the end of January, the Yankees will look to see if Rodriguez's breached his contract when he illegally bought banned substances from Bosch's clinic in Miami, which could prompt them to void the remainder of the deal. However, the MLB Players Union will likely side with A-Rod and fight to make sure that deal doesn't get voided.

Since no team in their right mind would dare take this contract off the Yankees hands, there is the other option to get rid of A-Rod. It's not the most popular one, but it would get the job done; releasing him.

The Yankees would be paying A-Rod the rest of the $114 million to sit at home in Miami, and never show his face again in New York. It's a huge contract for the Yankees to simply eat, but by doing that, the dark cloud of the team would be gone permanently with his release.

And after that, whether A-Rod gets in trouble with the law or with baseball wouldn't be the Yankees problem ever again.

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