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MLB Rumors: Could Joe Maddon’s Departure from Rays Lead Don Mattingly Back to the Yankees?

October 24th, 2014 at 3:56 PM
By Doug Rush

On Friday, the shocking news came down that Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon opted out of his contract with the team and has effectively left the team immediately.

With Maddon leaving the Rays, some have highly speculated on him possibly following Andrew Friedman, who was the Rays GM up until 10 days ago, that is until he left Tampa Bay to join the Los Angeles Dodgers to become their President of Baseball Operations. If Maddon were to follow him to Los Angeles, that would ultimately mean that current Dodgers manager and former Yankees player and coach Don Mattingly would be out after four years.

With the Yankees currently in search for a hitting coach, would Maddon's departure in Tampa Bay and possible landing in Los Angeles lead to Mattingly going back to the Yankees; maybe as a hitting coach or a bench coach?

It would seem like the dream scenario, but in all honesty, can anyone see Mattingly working for Girardi after Girardi beat Mattingly out for the Yankees manager job in 2007? Seems unlikely, but then again, you never know.

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Boston Red Sox Kept Chili Davis Away from New York Yankees by Offering 3-Year Contract

October 24th, 2014 at 11:42 AM
By Doug Rush

Chili Davis had narrowed his selection for a hitting coach position down to two teams; the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. In the end, Davis ended up choosing the Red Sox, while the Yankees continue their search for a new hitting coach in 2015.

What was the ultimate deciding factor in Davis choosing Boston over New York? A 3-year contract, as according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, it was the only way to keep Davis from signing with the Yankees.

"When the Red Sox signed Davis to be their hitting coach, they did so with a three-year deal. It was the only way Davis could be kept from signing with the Yankees. But what it did was give Davis a longer contract than manager John Farrell, who by all accounts has a year less than Davis remaining on his deal. This is not completely unusual, but in most cases the coaching staff’s contracts coincide with the manager or they have a shorter contract than the manager. I’ve been told not to read anything into this; that the Red Sox simply did what they had to do to secure Davis, who is the hitting coach they wanted from the moment Gregg Colbrunn resigned."

Davis replaces Greg Colbrunn, who resigned at the end of the season in Boston, while the Yankees are in search of a replacement for Kevin Long, whom the Yankees fired after seven years with the team. Long has since been hired to be the new hitting coach for the New York Mets.

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Fans Don’t Want Dodgers’ Hanley Ramirez to Be Next Yankees Shortstop, According to ESPN Poll

October 24th, 2014 at 9:28 AM
By Doug Rush

One year ago, Hanley Ramirez may have looked like one of the best and most attractive options to take over as the next New York Yankees shortstop in 2015 once Derek Jeter retired.

A year later, the fans are speaking up, and apparently, they do not want the Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop to be playing in the Bronx next year or in the future.

More than 6,000 fans spoke up in an ESPN Poll entitled, "Spend Hal's Money: Hanley Ramirez" in which fans got to vote if they wanted Ramirez on the Yankees or not and according to the poll, 68% of the fans do not want Ramirez in pinstripes.

It's probably tied into two things; one being Ramirez's age, as he'll turn 31 in December and the Yankees do need to stop signing so many guys in theor 30's and look to get younger at some point in the future.

Two, Ramirez's health and quite simply, he can never stay healthy. This past season, Ramirez missed 34 games for the Dodgers. A year ago, Ramirez missed more than hald the season with injuries. Sure, when he's healthy, he's one of the better hitting shortstops in the league, but again, if and when he's healthy, which lately, isn't very often.

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New York Mets Hire Former Yankees Hitting Coach Kevin Long to Same Position

October 23rd, 2014 at 6:19 PM
By Michael Moraitis

The New York Mets have found their new hitting coach and it is none other than former Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long, the team announced on Thursday.

The Mets' broke the news via Twitter:

Along with the news of Long's hiring, the Mets released a statement backing their decision with a quote from general manager Sandy Alderson:

Long was fired by the Yankees a few weeks back after a lackluster offensive season that saw the Bronx Bombers miss the playoffs for the second straight year.

The biggest problem? The Yankees bats were non-existent for much of the season, thus Long was blamed for the team's offensive woes and lost his job as a result.

The Mets hire Long to take over the duties of helping their struggling offensive squad that is in dire need of some run producers and consistency overall to aid what appears to be an up-and-coming starting rotation with some impressive young arms.

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Yankees’ Mark Teixeira Takes ‘Foul Territory’ to ESPN’s ‘Mike and Mike’ Show (Video)

October 23rd, 2014 at 4:19 PM
By Michael Moraitis

The latest installment of "Foul Territory" with Mark Teixeira comes to us from the studios of ESPN radio's morning show, "Mike and Mike."

The New York Yankees first baseman has tried his hand at interviewing numerous players and personalities connected to the organization, but now he's going outside the box for this episode to interview Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic.

The video is courtesy of the YES Network and ESPN 2, which broadcasts the "Mike and Mike" show for all to see:

Teixeira has come under fire in recent days after a report surfaced that the Yankees are worried Tex is spending too much time focusing on outside things and not on his baseball career.

It is true that Teixeira is interested in doing other things after his playing days are over, but who isn't?

Besides, Teixeira's problems are more physical than attention-based, and he has already admitted he must get stronger during the offseason, so clearly he is making strides to improve himself in that regard.

Regardless of your feelings on Teixeira, his show is funny and entertaining, and he does seem to have a knack for comedy.

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