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On the Ryan Callahan Rumor Mill, and the Bizarre Source of the Latest Conjecture

February 23rd, 2014 at 10:12 PM
By Ricky Cibrano

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Boomer Esiason: Talk show host, former NFL Quarterback, and…NHL trade breaker?

The first two we know, the third is apparently a new line of work Esiason is trying out. Saturday, Boomer took to twitter, and set the NHL rumor mill ablaze by tweeting this gem:

Its coming and it will be huge. Surprising, shocking, inevitable, and all about business. $$$ #NHL #tradedeadline

Esiason is a die-hard New York Rangers' fan, and immediately fans and followers alike made the connection that the tweet in question had something to do with either Ryan Callahan or Dan Girardi, the two pending Rangers' UFA's rumored to be on the trading block.

Boomer fielded a host of questions from fans following the tweet, and among the revelations were: He does think Callahan will be moved, the trade in question does not involve Chris Stewart, Matt Moulson, Thomas Vanek, Brandon Dubinsky, or–big shock–Alex Ovechkin, could be a one-for-one deal with a draft pick involved, involves a forward, makes the Rangers look like both sellers and buyers (huh?), and has already been agreed to.

Real specific, right?

Then comes this gem, from a day earlier than the tweet in question: 

Marty, Marty, Marty in a good way? Hard to believe.

Which, when taken in context of what followed, sent people into a tizzy about the prospect of the Blueshirts possibly acquiring newly minted gold medalist Martin St. Louis.

Esiason is probably just playing games here, and trying to get people fired up for the resumption of the NHL season, and riled up so they'll call his show Monday morning. Would Tampa really trade Martin St. Louis–twelfth in the league in scoring–to rent Ryan Callahan? Highly unlikely. Glen Sather works in mysterious ways, that's been proven time and time again during his tenure as Rangers' GM, but that would be one for the books.

Aren't rumors fun?

From a somewhat more credible source–TSN's Bob McKenzie–comes the unsurprising revelation that during the Olympic break, the Rangers did not make any progress in negotiations with Callahan or Girardi, and that term remains an issue with both. McKenzie expects it all to play out in the next 7-10 days. 

It still seems that Callahan is likely to be moved, for the simple reason that the Rangers appear to have no interest in matching his exorbitant asking price. If you're going to inevitably lose him anyway, why not get something in return? That seems to be the logic Sather is operating under in regards to The Captain. The Blueshirts and Girardi, at last check, were close on dollars and cents, but a year apart on term (Girardi wants 6 years), making a settlement between the two parties more likely than a trade.

One thing's for sure: Whether Callahan and Girardi stay or go, it will be an eventful week and a half for the Rangers between now and the March 5th trade deadline. Anyone care to place a bet on whether Mike Francesa guarantees a trade tomorrow?


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