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Gone Baby Gone or Oh Captain My Captain? Latest on Ryan Callahan Rumors

February 2nd, 2014 at 1:56 PM
By Ricky Cibrano

'097-003 // Foligno and Callahan (12/5/2013)' photo (c) 2013, grilled cheese - license: on who you believe, New York Rangers' captain Ryan Callahan could've already played his last game in Broadway blue, or could see his contract stalemate drag all the way to the March 5th trade deadline.

Larry Brooks of The Post says Glen Sather has installed this upcoming Friday's pre-Sochi roster freeze as the deadline regarding Callahan's future–because of the injury risk the Olympics represent–while the Daily News quotes The Captain's agent, Steve Bartlett, as being unaware of any hard deadline.

A game of he said, he said at it's finest.

The one thing all parties are in agreement on is that other teams have been granted permission to speak to Bartlett about extending Callahan–which in the grand scheme of things means nothing–because Sather would still have to work out a deal with any organization that had an agreement in place with Callahan. But, if a team did have an extension in place with Callahan, it could make them more willing to surrender more in return for the UFA, with the risk of losing him in the offseason rendered moot.
More likely, Sather granted teams permission to negotiate with Callahan and Bartlett so the pair could better access the value of the former on the open market, in the hopes they'd discover a dearth of teams willing to meet The Captain's asking price. Thus far, one team has reached out to Bartlett.

It's become apparent at this point that Sather, while not necessarily keen on the idea, is not bluffing and is willing to part with Callahan. Sather is looking to pressure Callahan into signing on his terms by imposing a deadline. Whether it works is anyone's guess. The Rangers' captain is seeking a 7-year pact at $6 million per year, while Sather is believed to be willing to go no higher than 5 at the same annual cap hit.

The two camps aren't exactly an ocean apart, but a $12 million difference in value is at least a sizable stream.

Callahan has said little on the matter, other than the standard: "My heart's here." No one's ever doubted that, but the more important question is: Where is his wallet? 

The ball is ultimately in Callahan's court. There's little reason to believe Sather will blink first, so if The Captain wants to remain a Ranger, he'll take the more than fair deal the Blueshirts have offered him. If he wants to maximize his earnings–and no one could blame him if he does–he'll balk and be dealt.

Callahan is not a perfect player. In the pantheon of Rangers' captains, he's more Kelly Kisio than Mark Messier–a player with many admirable qualities, but hardly legendary and far from irreplaceable. Hence the impasse.

If The Captain does go, it is behoovent on Glen Sather to get something significant in return. The bounty he procured from Columbus in exchange for Marian Gaborik–a more talented, but not as loved player–was just barely adequate enough for him to earn a pass. 

But when you trade your captain while fighting for a playoff spot, it can't be for just spare parts. The Rangers will require a a player of some skill and scoring punch in return. As Sather begins the process of reshaping the Blueshirts, he can't afford to swing and miss on this one.


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