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NHL Lockout News for Those Interested

December 18th, 2012 at 10:32 AM
By PJ Foti

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We here at Rangers 101 just want to start by apologizing for not providing content about your New York Rangers for the past month. However, it's not entirely our fault as there technically isn't much to report on.

Games have been canceled through Dec. 30, and it looks as though a new set will be canceled soon as there is no deal in sight.

The ongoing battles between the NHL and the NHLPA are really annoying to sift through, and provide input back to you, the fans. Even President Barack Obama said that no deal between the two sides has hurt the fans the most, and they should remember why the league had become so successful as of late.

Gary Bettman, Bill Daly, Steve Fehr and Donald Fehr keep saying that they are "eager to get a deal done" and "get back to hockey," but those two statements may be the biggest lies hockey fans have heard.

If the two sides wanted a deal done, it would be done. It's just how it is. Now, there's the possibility of the NHLPA disbanding from the league. It's a process that could lead to nasty court battles between the two sides, as the players seek leverage in the negotiations as ""antitrust laws prohibit owners from locking out employees who don't belong to a union, with the punishment triple the wages lost during the lockout."

It could easily backfire for the players, however, as the league's response to dissolving the union would be to file a class-action complaint in federal court as well as a Unfair Labor Practice Charge with the National Labor Relations Board. In turn, all current NHL contracts would be voided, thus, every player would be an unrestricted free agent.

There's a chance in doing so, the league would also no longer enforce a salary cap, so just a few teams (mainly the original six franchises — as they're the ones with the greatest profit margin — would be competitive because of their finances).

As of now, no talks between the two sides are scheduled, so if this here goes into effect it could easily kill some teams, and really be the beginning of the end for the NHL.

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