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Zack Wheeler Wants to Remain with New York Mets in 2015

August 28th, 2014 at 12:10 PM
By Mike Phillips

Zack Wheeler was the subject of trade rumors earlier in the summer. Wheeler's name came up in potential deals between the New York Mets and Chicago Cubs a few weeks ago. Reports indicated that the Cubs wanted Wheeler in a potential deal for Starlin Castro in the winter. Wheeler, for his part, wants to remain in Queens going forward.

Wheeler told Kevin Kernan of the New York Post that he wants to stay in New York next season. Wheeler indicated that he wanted to stay with the Mets because he feels the team will be really special once they get the offensive pieces they need, like a big time shortstop and left fielder. Wheeler told Kernan, "I was part of the rebuilding process and I want to see it through."

Wheeler also believes that the team's much maligned owners, the Wilpons, will spend money to address the team's needs in the offseason. Wheeler said,

"How could you not spend money? You're in New York. I know the Wilpons. I've been around them awhile now. I know they want to win. It's just a matter of putting the right pieces together, formulating it all and making a winner."

While Wheeler's belief in ownership will fall on deaf ears with the fans, it is nice to see he wants to stay here. A lot of players don't want to be anywhere near the Mets these days, so having a talented youngster like Wheeler who wants to be around is nice. The Mets do need to add the pieces around Wheeler and the other young guns to improve, but a lot can happen between now and next season.

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