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David Wright’s Power Production Still Missing in Dog Days of August

August 15th, 2014 at 2:32 PM
By Mike Phillips

Earlier this season, we discussed where New York Mets' star David Wright's power had gone. At the time, David Wright had gotten off to one of the worst power starts of his career, having only one home run and 17 RBI's back on May 5th. The power appeared to be on its way back after Wright was red hot in May and June, but a key shoulder injury in late June has led to a complete evaporation of Wright's power production.

When Wright first got hurt on June 26th, he missed a week of action. Wright did well in his final week of the first half, but he has done almost nothing for the Mets since the All Star Break. Since returning to action in San Diego on July 18th in San Diego, Wright is hitting a woeful .243 with no homers and eight RBI's over that span. Wright's average would be a lot worse if not for his current 12 game hitting streak, including picking up multiple hits in four of his last six games heading into last night's contest with the Washington Nationals. Almost all of those hits have been singles, however, as Wright has recorded only two doubles since the All Star Break.

Wright is on pace to hit .276 with 11 homers and 75 RBI's on the season, his worst season since 2011. With Wright now on the wrong side of 30, some pundits have begun to ask if the decline in Wright's power is a sign that he is on the downside of his career. It is a valid question considering the dramatic decrease in power and the staggering amount of money the Mets owe him until 2020.

Wright's power numbers are likely being significantly impacted by his shoulder injury, which he has refused to address in the media. If Wright is playing with a sore shoulder, it is likely sapping his power and turning potential doubles and homers into singles and fly outs. Wright is still contributing to the Mets' lineup, as his hit streak has shown, but it appears the power may not come back this season.

What this means going forward is that the Mets may need to start giving Wright more days off during the season to keep him fresher down the stretch. As Wright gets older, some of these nagging injuries he plays with will linger longer and affect his play. With Wright missing significant time due to injury in two of the past three seasons prior to 2014, this may be a sign that the Mets need to give him more breathers to try and get him through the season. The Mets have guys on their roster who can play third for a day or two, like Wilmer Flores or Eric Campbell. While Wright is certainly a trooper who will want to be in the lineup every chance he gets, it may be better for him in the long term to rest for a few more games going forward.

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