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Rumors Swirl Surrounding New York Mets as Trade Deadline Approaches

July 29th, 2014 at 3:20 PM
By Mike Phillips

The trade deadline is just over 48 hours away in Major League Baseball, so the rumor mill is in full swing. This is extremely true for the New York Mets, who have had their names come up in a lot of trade discussions. The Mets have been mentioned as looking to shop Bartolo Colon and listening to offers for Daniel Murphy, and have mentioned looking to buy some offensive players to upgrade their lineup. Let's sort through the rumors to see what makes sense surrounding the Mets in the coming days.

Rumor: The Mets won't do anything at the deadline

This one started after comments from Mets' GM Sandy Alderson were reported on Twitter by ESPN New York's Adam Rubin. Alderson told Rubin that it was "unlikely" that the Mets would make a deal before Thursday's deadline. The Mets have made pre-deadline trades only once in Alderson's three years at the helm, back in 2011 when he dealt Carlos Beltran to the San Francisco Giants for Zack Wheeler. Alderson moved Marlon Byrd in late August last season and stood pat in 2012. While there is a good possibility the Mets don't make a move by 4:00 on Thursday, these comments may simply be public posturing to avoid tipping his hand.

Rumor: The Mets are desperately trying to move Bartolo Colon

This rumor appears to have some legs. Danny Knobler reported last week on Twitter that the Mets were working hard to move Colon, but his salary for next season remains an issue. The Mets want to move Colon to remove his 11 million dollar salary from their books for next season, but Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that Colon's 2015 salary is holding up potential deals. The Mets have offered to pick up the remainder of Colon's 2014 salary, but interested teams want the Mets to pick up a large portion of Colon's 2015 salary to take him off the Mets' hands. Colon reportedly wants to stay in New York, and he may get his wish thanks to the second year on his deal. Colon will likely be with the Mets on Friday, but there is potential for a waiver trade in August. 

Rumor: The Mets are listening to offers for Daniel Murphy

ESPN's Jayson Stark has reported that the Mets don't want to deal Murphy, but they would move him for the right return. The right return for Sandy Alderson would likely be an overpay by the trading team that gives the Mets multiple young, major league ready players. The San Francisco Giants and Toronto Blue Jays have been linked to Murphy in the past, but it appears unlikely either team will pay a premium for Murphy's services. A Murphy trade could be revisited in the offseason, but he should stay a Met through the end of this season.

Rumor: The Mets and Rockies Could Be Trade Partners for Troy Tulowitzki and/or Carlos Gonzalez

The Mets and Colorado Rockies have been linked a lot in recent days, primarily when it comes to shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. Tulowitzki is a star for the Rockies, but has reportedly grown tired of the constant losing in Colorado and may be seeking a trade. The Rockies also weren't thrilled to see Tulowitzki, who is on the disabled list, sitting in the stands watching a game at Yankee Stadium last week. Tulowitzki could command a big price in terms of prospects, but it is a price the Mets could match.

Yahoo Sports' Jeff Passan reported that the Mets were willing to include top pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard in a deal for Tulowitzki. That report was denied by people close to the Mets, who have deemed Syndergaard as untouchable. Tulowitzki would command a big package of players, with a deal including Syndergaard, Kevin Plawecki, Rafael Montero and another player a possible permutation of a deal. The Mets also would need to take on the seven years and 129 million dollars remaining on Tulowitzki's contract, and whether owner Fred Wilpon is willing to take on a commitment of that kind remains to be seen. Tulowitzki's contract also makes it likely any deal involving him takes place in the offseason.

The other big bat the Rockies could move is outfielder Carlos Gonzalez. Gonzalez only has three years and 53 million dollars left on his deal, and the Rockies appear more willing to move him than Tulowitzki at this point. Gonzalez will also cost significantly less in terms of prospects than Tulowitzki, which could appeal to the Mets. Gonzalez is more likely to get dealt by Thursday, but the odds of the two teams reaching a deal by then aren't great. Either way, these two names bear watching in the winter.


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