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Mets 101 Flashback: David Wright’s Major League Debut

July 21st, 2014 at 9:45 AM
By Mike Phillips

We don't flash back too often here at Mets 101, but when we do it is for a special occasion. A couple of years ago we flashed back to the 10th anniversary of Mike Piazza's first home run in the first professional sporting event in New York City after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Today's flashback is another 10th anniversary, as 10 years ago today David Wright made his major league debut.

The hype surrounding Wright's arrival was enormous. The Mets had just promoted talented young shortstop Jose Reyes the year before, and Wright was supposed to be the guy to team with Reyes and form the team's left side of the infield for years to come. There was actually a little bit of controversy when Wright arrived since he displaced the hot hitting Ty Wigginton (remember him Mets fans?), who had become a fan favorite for his tough nosed attitude. Ten years later, it appears clear that the Mets made the right choice at third.

ESPN New York's Adam Rubin recaps the lineup for that July 21, 2004 contest against the Montreal Expos in his morning briefing. This is who the Mets trotted out for that contest at Shea Stadium:

  1. 2B Jose Reyes
  2. SS Kazuo Matsui
  3. 1B Ty Wigginton
  4. LF Cliff Floyd
  5. RF Richard Hidalgo
  6. CF Mike Cameron
  7. 3B David Wright
  8. C Vance Wilson
  9. SP Jae Weong Seo

It was not a great lineup by any means, and only Reyes and Wright lasted past the 2006 season with the Mets. Wright went 0 for 4 in the game, but this game marked the debut of a player who would go on to become the Mets' captain. Wright is on a pace to be the club record holder in nearly all offensive categories, and it all began 10 years ago today.

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