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New York Mets Accidentally Leak Sandy Alderson’s Credit Card Info to Press

May 17th, 2014 at 7:14 AM
By Mike Phillips

The New York Mets haven't had a very good year on the public relations front, and the team's struggles on the field aren't entirely to blame. The Mets got fans riled up with a fan letter that was sent to season ticket holders, essentially shaming fans who weren't showing up to games for not supporting the teams. That letter didn't go over well, and someone else in the front office may find their job in jeopardy after GM Sandy Alderson's credit card info was accidentally leaked to members of the press.

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Alderson's info, including his security code and card expiration date, was sent out in an email that was intended elsewhere, ESPN New York's Adam Rubin reports. The staffer was sending the email to a person with Broadway connections to try and get Alderson tickets to a weekend show. The Mets sent an email out minutes after the first email asking members of the press to disregard the first email.

While many members of the press took the opportunity to joke about using the card info to buy the Mets better players, it is sad. The Mets seem to trip over their own feet a lot and make it hard to take themselves seriously as a professional sports franchise. This incident is the latest in a line of snafus by the front office, and it doesn't help the organization's credibility at all. The Mets should be doing everything they can to improve the on field product, and carelessness like this isn't a good thing in the front office.

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