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Mets 101 Seven in Seven Series: Celebrity Fans #4-Joe Benigno

January 10th, 2014 at 9:24 PM
By Mike Phillips

Mets 101's Seven in Seven series returns in 2014 as our gift to you. Each week, the Mets 101 staff will begin a countdown of something related to the New York Mets ( i.e. best third baseman, worst defeat, etc.). We will begin our countdown on Tuesdays with the number seven and work all the way to number one. Inspired by recent lack events involving the New York Mets, this week’s countdown has little to do with the baseball team itself and instead looks at seven of the most famous celebrity Met fans. Today we take a look at WFAN radio host Joe Beningo.

4) Joe Beningo

While he may not be a true celebrity outside of the tri-state area, not many media personalities bleed blue and orange quite like Joe Benigno. Benigno, who has been a host at WFAN since 1995, has always been (along with Steve Somers) one of the few Mets fans to host a talk show on the team's radio home until this past season. Benigno worked the overnight shift until he was promoted to mid-day in 2004, and started working with his current co-host (and fellow Mets fan) Evan Roberts in 2007.

Benigno, who also called into the station for a number of years as "Joe from Saddle River, is representative of the doom and gloom aspect that a lot of Mets fans feel about their team. Benigno regularly admits that he is skeptical of any success from his favorite teams (Benigno likes the New York Jets and New York Knicks as well). Benigno's most famous phrase has become "what a disaster", which he has used to describe the Mets on numerous occasions over the years. Benigno even created a mini stir as his passion about the Mets went too far last month, when he criticized Matt Harvey for being out on the town with his girlfriend, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, instead of maintaining a lower profile.

Benigno has also dabbled in television over the years. Benigno is a co-host on SNY's Daily News Live, and he has also made several appearances on SNY's Jets Post Game Live. Benigno may be paid to share his opinion over the air, but he is also a true fan of the team. Benigno really represents the turning point of the countdown, which divides the celebrities that are fans to the celebrities that live and die with the team's success. In a way, Benigno represents a part of what all Mets fans have. 

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