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Broken Spring: New York Mets’ Prospect Travis D’Arnaud Joins List of Stars with Foot Injuries

April 18th, 2013 at 10:00 PM
By Joe Melendez

Move over Derek Jeter (broken foot) and Kobe Bryant (ruptured achillies), the Mets prospect Travis d'Arnaud has a non-displaced fracture of the first metatarsal bone (which is the bone in the foot just behind the big toe). Joining Johan Santana and Shaun Marcum, in list of Mets' injuries.

The fracture occurred while attempting to catch a foul ball. Hitting the catcher right on the bone and breaking it, in the six innings off a foul tip. d'Arnaud will make his trek from the Mets' Las Vegas Triple-A affiliate to New York, to have his foot further examined.

While the accident isn't one in which you can say that is common occurrence, his proneness to injury is beginning to develop a track record.  In 2010, suffering bulging discs and in 2012 a torn PCL. The Mets should be cautious in handling his recovery process considering a catcher's legs are vital for the position.

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One Response to “Broken Spring: New York Mets’ Prospect Travis D’Arnaud Joins List of Stars with Foot Injuries”

  1.  Eric Eschenbrenner says:

    The mets just cant seem to catch a break…oh wait…oops

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