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Report: New PED Ring Emerges in Miami, Alex Rodriguez and Gio Gonzalez Among Those Implicated

January 29th, 2013 at 2:27 PM
By Mike Phillips

Major League Baseball's drug problem appeared to be over following the BALCO scandal and congressional hearings which led to enhanced drug testing. Baseball even introduced a landmark blood testing program for human growth hormone (HGH) to further clean up the game. The efforts of baseball to clean up the sport haven't deterred enough players to rid the game of PED's for good. Reports from the Miami New Times indicate that a new steroid center has emerged in Miami, and its list of clients includes notable major leaguers such as New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez

Rodriguez is alleged to have been a client of Biogenesis, an anti-aging clinic run by Anthony Bosch. Biogenesis abruptly closed last month and Bosch disappeared, but the New Times received detailed notes and memos indicating clientele and specific drugs they were taking from a former employee of the company. The paper included handwritten notes in the article that featured "Alex R" and a list of drugs that he was taking. Rodriguez admitted to using steroids from 2001-2003 in an interview back in 2009, but he reportedly has been a client of Biogenesis since 2009. Rodriguez's cousin Yuri, who had previously been implicated in Rodriguez's steroid use, was also found as a client of the clinic.

The report from the News Times implicates several other major leaguers, including Gio Gonzalez of the Washington Nationals and the previously suspended Melky Cabrera. Texas' Nelson Cruz, and San Diego's Yasmani Grandal (who was suspended for violating baseball's drug rules last season),  Both Rodriguez and Gonzalez have publicly denied the allegations of the report, and the clinic's founder, Bosch, declined to comment on the article.

Major League Baseball issued a statement affirming their disappointment about the report and that banned substances have no place in the game. Biogenesis could become an East Coast version of BALCO as reports indicate that there are more players who used the clinic than the six implicated. As the league investigates, suspensions could loom for any of the players involved as baseball's Collective Bargaining Agreement allows the league to suspend any player with "just cause" for steroid use. The story is not going away any time soon, and we will keep you updated on any implications this saga has on baseball and the New York Mets in general. 

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