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Mets 101 Seven in Seven Series: Most Memorable Mets Moments #2 – Mike Piazza’s Post 9/11 Home Run

January 10th, 2013 at 5:22 PM
By Joe Melendez

Just in time for the holiday season, Mets 101's Seven in Seven series returns as our gift to you. Each week, the Mets 101 staff will begin a countdown of topics related to the New York Mets (i.e. best third baseman, worst defeat, etc.). We will begin our countdowns with the number seven and work all the way to number one. This week's Seven in Seven list takes a look at the most memorable moments in the history of our beloved Mets. We will continue our countdown today with number two, Mike Piazza's Post 9/11 homerun. 

5. Mike Piazza's Post 9/11 homerun

Date: September 21, 2001

The Buildup: In the wake of the single most devastating terrorist attack ever on America, 9/11, the New York Mets, the baseball world, and the city of New York tentatively returned to playing America's greatest past time. Being only ten days after the attack in New York City, the game was the first professional sporting event or game played since 9/11.

It wasn't easy for anyone in the county. As everyone in the city had been affected by attacks. No one knew whether it was the appropriate time to return to baseball, as many would still argue that today. However, with the crowd united and every fan at home watching, though a brief moment that could never heal all that grief, it would be a brief moment that provided a moment of relief. 

The Moment: Filled with a packed Shea of 40,000-plus fans, down by one at the bottom of the eighth against the first-place Atlanta Braves, it would be non-other than catcher Mike Piazza up at the plate. Up until then the Braves had clear command of the game and moment. And then it happened. With a swing of a bat, Mike Piazza hit a two-run homerun that not only would give the Mets a two-run lead, but also send the New York fanbase into a frenzy. Giving the team the eventual win and the city the lifting up it needed.


The Aftermath: As noted before, the two-run shot would give the Mets the lead and the win. The entire stadium and city would go berserk. What was a ball that flew only 400-something feet, it felt more like a ball that reached the heavens. Raising the spirits of practically the entire city. 

In Hindsight: While the homer did give the team the win in the end, the Mets would finish third in the NL East standing come the end of the season by six games. That game however, would never be counted as a lost game. There are many people that day who saw that game as good as any world series victory. Because believe or not, that's how much it meant to them. If there was any time the Mets gave it's fan base and the city of New York a perfect gift, that was it. 

Check back tomorrow when the MOST memorable moment in Mets history is revealed!

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