The Knicks have always played their home games at Madison Square Garden, however there were once two different Madison Square Gardens. There has been in fact been four Madison Square Gardens (MSG). The first Madison Square Garden was built in 1879 and was built to hold only 10,000 people. The first MSG was closed in 1890 and replaced by Madison Square Garden II. MSGII was home to many exhibition boxing matches. MSG2 was closed in 1925 and replaced by Madison Square Garden III. MSGIII would be the home arena for the New York Knicks from 1946 to 1968. MSG3 was closed in 1968 and replaced by Madison Square Garden IV. The Knicks have played basketball in MSGIV since its opening in 1968. The Garden is the second oldest arena the NBA, now holding 18,200 fans. Not only is Madison Square Garden famous for sports events, but it is a coveted venue for concerts. As one of the biggest and most famous arenas in the world, events at MSG are bound for success.