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The Panicky Knicks Fan Contingency Plan

June 1st, 2017 at 2:10 PM
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In recent history, the eighth pick has been viewed as a solid pick that can develop a solid contributor in a regular lineup. Generally, the best case scenario would be developing a solid role player. The next best would be a bench player who can hold down the position as a rotational big man or a 3-and-D wing. While the current draft has been hailed as one of the deepest in recent memory, expecting a slew of perennial all-stars going in the first round is an expectation to leave at home on draft night. The last player of legitimate consequence to be drafted at the eight spot was Rudy Gay in 2006, drafted by the Houston Rockets (via Basketball-Reference). Granted, both Gordon Hayward and Paul George were both selected after the eighth pick, but this isn’t 2010, and Gay has drifted into irrelevance. So, it’s only fair to give a realistic look at the players who could still be on the board, or what other moves the Knicks could take.

Below is a psuedo-mock draft with vague projections that are necessary for hashing out the Knicks contingency plan if things were to go awry. Take a look at our 2017 Draft Preview for a more in-depth breakdown of these potential NBA stars. If you thought the Knicks were making the playoffs at the beginning of the 2016-17 season, you may want to brace …

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