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New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony Called Rapper Jay Z Crazy

September 4th, 2014 at 7:49 PM
By Matt Agne

It wasn't overly long ago that Jay Z recorded "Crazy In Love" with Beyonce. It was even more recent that Beyonce's sister Solange went crazy on Jay Z in an elevator. However, New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony thought Jay Z was most crazy for wanting to start Roc Nation Sports.

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The idea of Jay Z starting a sports representation agency seemed like a mistake. He's a rapper. Surely Roc Nation Sports would be an epic failure. As it turns out, Jay Z made the right connections and has used his clout to sign some very talented athletes to his agency.

Since the formation of Roc Nation Sports, Jay Z has gotten Robinson Cano a huge contract with the Seattle Mariners. Thanks Scott Boras. He's also helped Victor Cruz land a new deal with the New York Giants. In addition, he's signed athletes like superstar NBA player Kevin Durant, Skylar Diggins and others to representation contracts.

In fact, the agency also recently hired boxing promoter David Itskowitch so that Roc Nation Sports could enter into the boxing world. Clearly Jay Z's made many people look foolish with his success as a sports agent. New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony admits that he was one of the people who thought Jay Z was crazy to enter the sports agency business.

It's not like Anthony was going out on any sort of limb when he thought Jay Z would fail in the agency business. What does a rapper know about being an agent? Well, what he and others failed to recognize who Jay Z signed his representation deal with.

When Jay Z founded Roc Nation Sports he chose a very regarded talent agency to team up with. His co-partner is the Creative Artists Agency, based in Los Angeles.

Basically, he was set up to succeed. The agency was able to use it's connections, knowledge and business acumen while exploiting Jay Z's clout with todays generation to form a powerful partnership.

Like him or not because of his previous connection to the Brooklyn Nets, Jay Z has been a success in the sports world. Quite frankly, Anthony and others were wrong. If Jay Z was crazy, he was crazy smart. He got out of a failing effort with the Nets, after successfully bringing them to Brooklyn, and now represents athletes across several sports.

People should calm down about the Nets connection anyway, we all know what kind of basketball fan Jay Z really is anyway. James Dolan was just too stingy to bring Jay Z on as a partner.

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