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New York Knicks’ J.R. Smith: I’m Going to Be Best Shooting Guards the NBA’s Ever Seen

August 28th, 2014 at 2:13 PM
By Douglas Rush

When you think of some of the best shooting guards that have ever played in the NBA, J.R. Smith's name doesn't exactly come off as the first name many think of.

Yet on Instragram, that's exactly what the New York Knicks guard thought of himself when he posted a picture of himself with red basketball shoes (along with sandals and socks) and referred to himself as being on pace to being one of the league's best ever shooting guards.

This wouldn't exactly be the kind of thing that a leader of a team would do; which is something Smith called himself the other day and said he wanted to help set an example for the younger players.

Making bold and rather outlandish statement that you're one of the best at a position isn't exactly something leaders do; they lead by example and backing up play with strong games, not statements on Instagram.

But, that's J.R Smith in a nutshell for you. Maybe he can actually become a better shooting guard for the Knicks by taking less shots, driving to the basket more often and passing the ball; especially since the team is running the Triangle Offense now under Derek Fisher and Smith's old style of shoot first and shoot often simply won't work in it.

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