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New York Knicks Cut Shannon Brown

July 23rd, 2014 at 6:30 PM
By Matt Agne

When the New York Knicks signed Shannon Brown last season it was clear that he was brought in because he was inexpensive, athletic, could fill a role and because the franchise was already planning on transitioning towards the triangle offense which he had experience in. Now Brown's run with the Knicks has come to an end as he was cut and will now become an unrestricted free agent.

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Before anybody starts to feel bad for Shannon Brown realize that he was unemployed before the New York Knicks gave him a job at the end of last season. Also realize that he was then kept around during the summer and allowed to work though the Summer League. 

Was his presence beneficial to the Knicks during the Summer League? Of course, they basically had a veteran willing to play in the Summer League and help teach the younger players the triangle offense. However, it also allowed Brown to work and earn money while showcasing his skills for other organizations.

That being said, Brown's contract would have become fully guaranteed if New York didn't cut him before August 1. Clearly it was just about time for Brown's time with the Knicks to come to an end.

This is one of those situations where it was just time to part ways. If the Knicks didn't intend on keeping Brown around for the entire season there was no reason not to cut him. He didn't really offer the Knicks much at this point in his career. He was nothing more than a modestly effective player at a position the Knicks already have too many players for.

It was only his relationships with Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher that kept Brown around this long. He'd served his purpose helping to teach the triangle offense in Las Vegas. His time with the Knicks had run it's course.

Brown's departure brings the Knicks roster down to 14 players. That's not counting the un-signed draft picks, although Cleanthony Early is the only one expected to remain on the roster this season. However, with other roster moves including potential trades expected, this could also open the way for outside additions such as Dahntay Jones.

Brown, 28, averaged 2.2 points and 1.0 rebounds over 29 games with the San Antonio Spurs and Knicks last season. The Knicks won 37 games and missed the playoffs last season.

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