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2014 New York Knicks Free Agency Outlook: Francisco Garcia

July 19th, 2014 at 6:00 AM
By Matt Agne

After signing big man Jason Smith with their mini mid-level exception, the New York Knicks will only be able to make further roster additions using minimum contracts. Knicks 101 has already reported that Metta World Peace would like to return to the Knicks now that Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson are in charge. However, free agent Francisco Garcia is another veteran who could help New York for only the veteran's minimum.

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Francisco Garcia is one of those players often connected to the New York Knicks but that has never ended up on their roster. That's just one of many reasons why New York's defense hasn't been feared since the Patrick Ewing era.

Garcia is a 6'7", 185 pound shooting guard/small forward. After being selected by the Sacramento Kings with the 23rd pick of the 2005 NBA Draft he played for the Kings from 2005-13 and the Houston Rockets from 2013-14. Now he finds himself a free agent looking for a job.

During his 9 years in the NBA, Garcia has become known for doing two main things; playing defense and shooting jumpers.

Garcia is the ultimate role player and known for being great in the locker room. Despite being a one-dimensional offensive player that doesn't make him any less of a sharpshooter from behind the three-point arc. It also doesn't stop that fact that, despite his age, he's still one of the league's top-tier perimeter defenders.

He's the type of veteran Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson would love. He'd fit in with New York because he can hit open jumpers and greatly help the Knicks improve defensively. 

He's not the kind of guy that is a game changer. That being said, you don't sign game changing players for the veteran's minimum. Garcia is the type of glue player who can play a specific role and add and value to the second or third unit of your team.

Adding someone like Garcia could become particularly important if Jackson includes Iman Shumpert in a trade before the season. However, the addition of Garcia would only strengthen the perimeter defense Shumpert already provides should he join the roster without Shumpert being relocated.

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