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New York Knicks Gave Carmelo Anthony No Trade Clause

July 18th, 2014 at 10:09 PM
By Matt Agne

This off-season Carmelo Anthony flirted with several franchises but ultimately agreed to return to the New York Knicks. However, besides making a huge salary Anthony was also able to get peace of mind and control over where he'll play. The Knicks agreed to give Anthony a No Trade Clause along with his deal worth more than $124 million.

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Phil Jackson asked Carmelo Anthony to take less than the maximum to help the New York Knicks. He took less, but not much less. Anthony signed a deal worth $124,064,681.

Marc Stein of ESPN reports Anthony will make $22,458,401 in the first year of his deal, $22,875,000 in the second year of his deal, $24,559,380 in the third year of his deal, $26,243,760 in the fourth year of his deal and $27,928,140 in the fifth year of his deal.

Not a bad salary huh? Remember how Anthony took a pay cut to help the Knicks sign others? He took a $5 million pay cut. Not per year, total. Huge sacrifice right?

He also secured control over where he'll play for the next five seasons. Frank Isola of the New York Daily News reports Anthony received a No Trade Clause in his contract as well.

That basically means that if the relationship between Anthony and the Knicks goes south Anthony is the one who holds all the cards. He'd control where he would end up. The Knicks would be forced to send him to wherever he would okay.

Likely it means he'll be with the Knicks the entire length of his contract. It's pretty rare a guy with a No Trade Clause goes anywhere in the NBA.

In fact, No Trade Clauses are very rare in the NBA. Only Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant & Kevin Garnett currently have one. Now Anthony can be added to that list.

'New York Knicks' photo (c) 2009, Michael Tipton - license:

As if all that money and security isn't enough the Knicks went a step further with Anthony's deal. They also gave him another Early Termination Option. You know how he became a free agent by opting out of the final year of his contract?

Ian Begley of ESPN New York reports the Knicks gave him the option to do the same thing with his new contract. That means that, in theory, he could opt-out of this contract and test free agency again.

Now, he probably won't do that because he's not going to give up nearly $28 million at 35 years old. That being said, he could leverage the Knicks into an extension as well.

Basically, what we've learned about this contract is that although the Knicks could out pay every other team by $30 million or more they couldn't get Anthony to accept anything less than $25 million more than he could have gotten elsewhere.

We also learned, in order to take that generous pay cut of an entire million per year of the deal he was able to extract a No Trade Clause and an Early Termination Option from New York.

Knicks 101 is happy to have Anthony back where he belongs. He's one of the best basketball players in the world. However, his pay cut is nothing more than a token pay cut. It's a P.R. move so the Knicks can claim they were able to get him to take less and so he can claim he took less to help the team.

Lets not act like he made some huge sacrifice. The reality is, he got paid. He got a huge salary and a lot of power over his future all in one contract.

That being said, Anthony should thrive in the Kobe Bryant role in the triangle offense. That won't change the fact that he got paid similar to Bryant in order to do it.

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