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Golden State Warriors Interested in New York Knicks’ Tyson Chandler

June 18th, 2014 at 9:31 PM
By Matt Agne

Before the New York Knicks signed Tyson Chandler he was expected to sign with the Golden State Warriors. It's the reason the Knicks needed to work out a sign-and-trade with the Dallas Mavericks to get Chandler. It's the reason he was given a near-maximum contract. Now that he's in the final year of his contract and vocalizing his desire to play elsewhere, the Warriors are again stating their interest in Chandler's services.

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New York Knicks' Tyson Chandler is known for his defensive and rebounding skills. However, he doesn't fit in the triangle offense and doesn't want to stick around another year in New York during a re-building process. That's made the Knicks start to look around for trade partners interested in Chandler. One such trade partner is the Golden State Warriors.

Chandler has an expiring contract worth $14,596,888. David Lee has a contract with $15,012,000 next season and $15,493,680 for the 2015-16 season. Harrison Barnes has a contract worth $3,049,920 next season, a team option worth $3,873,398 for the 2015-16 season and a qualifying option worth $5,194,226 for the 2016-17 season.

That's a trade that can work. However, it clearly will take away a substantial amount of money for the 2015 free agency class. Obviously that doesn't overly matter if Carmelo Anthony decides to go elsewhere. 

However, even if Anthony were to re-sign with New York, Lee could represent an alternative to Kevin Love. Lee shouldn't be overlooked. He's a double-double machine and is use to playing in New York.

The Warriors would gain future cap space and the Knicks would gain a very productive starting power forward. It also depletes the Warriors bench and either strengthens New York's or gives them a replacement for Anthony should he leave this off-season.

If this were to go through the Knicks would also gain a good young player in Barnes who many think could become a real player in this league. He's also someone who the Knicks could cut loose after next season if they wanted to. They could also use the option to lock him up for two more years and either move forward with him on the roster or gain a trade asset.

Some say this trade won't happen. Obviously this would take the Knicks sacrificing some cap space for the 2015 off-season but it would also gain them a lot of talent. Golden State would have to value the cap space more than anything because they'd be losing a lot of production and selling low on a young budding player in Barnes.

For the Knicks this would really be a Lee versus Love issue. Lee makes less than the maximum. Not a lot less but not quite the maximum. Love would most certainly make the max and wouldn't necessarily sign with the Knicks because every team with the available space will be in the market for his services.

Love is a superior player. He averages more rebounds, more minutes and has longer range than Lee. However, like Love, Lee is a double-double machine. They both do the little things that teams need to win and neither need plays run for them. Lee also has a fantastic mid-range game. 

If the Knicks can pull this deal off should they? Would you sacrifice 2015 cap space to bring Lee back to New York and add Barnes to the roster? Can the Knicks get more for Chandler?

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