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Former New York Knicks’ Forward Metta World Peace Becomes Coach

June 14th, 2014 at 10:16 PM
By Matt Agne

Metta World Peace was suppose to be the big signing of the New York Knicks this past off-season. As it turned out, World Peace would end up requiring knee surgery and falling out of Mike Woodson's rotation. He and the Knicks would eventually work out a buy out and he'd watch the Knicks struggle for the rest of the season as a free agent. Now he's accepted a job as a coach.

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Metta World Peace has become a coach. He didn't exactly make the jump to the coaching ranks like Derek Fisher did but he's accepted a coaching job never the less.

Ryan Hagerty of reports World Peace has accepted an assistant coaching position with a high school team for next season.

According to the Palisadian Post, a community newspaper in California, World Peace will become an assistant coach for the Palisades High Dolphins girls basketball team in the 2014-15 season.

Quite an interesting turn of events for the man widely known for being a wild-child isn't it? Well, World Peace is certainly near the end of his NBA career if not completely done with it already so passing along his knowledge is a good thing.

The fact that he'd choose to coach a girls team is a bit surprising but not crazy at all. Maybe this is a way of coaching and staying close to his daughter who plays for the team.

Whatever the reasons may be, World Peace is now 34. He's played in the NBA for 17 years. If he doesn't continue his playing career at least he already has a job.

However, World Peace recently wrote on Rant Sports and doesn't sound like a man ready to call it a career.

Choosing to coach the girls varsity basketball team at Pali High was an easy decision. Coach T is a great leader and the girls work hard. I love Pali High School. I’m also a big fan of Venice High School, Beverly Hills High and University High.

Repeat before speaking: I am not retired. I am still so good. Wow, I’m good. I can still execute any offense a coach has at a high level. My team defense is still amazing and my one-on-one defense is better at my worst than some at their best.

With that being said, it's not completely out of question for a team to make him an offer when free agency begins in July. In fact, with Phil Jackson in charge, it wouldn't be overly surprising for World Peace to make a return to the Knicks roster.

With the Knicks strapped for cash, Jackson could offer World Peace the veteran's minimum to re-join the team and help the team transition to the triangle offense. He could play a similar role to what Jackson is looking for from Lamar Odom. With World Peace and Odom on the roster Fisher's transition to the coaching ranks would be made that much easier.

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