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Mark Jackson Knows New York City and New York Knicks Job Isn’t for Everybody

June 6th, 2014 at 11:03 PM
By Matt Agne

New York City is like nowhere else in the world. It can bring out the best and the worst in people. It can make you stronger or it can break you down. The same goes for playing sports here. Mark Jackson knows that it takes the right person to be able to play and coach in the city that doesn't sleep.

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Since Mark Jackson was let go by the Golden State Warriors most New York Knicks fans have hoped Phil Jackson would hire him. After all, Most wanted to hire him before he went to the Warriors in the first place.

People believed he could be a perfect point man for the Knicks on the bench. After all, there hasn't really been a point guard remotely as good as Jackson since he was shipped out of town. Maybe he'd be the answer as a coach as well.

It doesn't appear Phil Jackson intends on calling Mark any time soon. That's not something lost on Mark. After all, he returned to ESPN in an NBA analyst role alongside play-by-play commentator Mike Breen and fellow analyst Jeff Van Gundy. However, his multi-year deal will not preclude him from pursuing another coaching job.

That being said, Al Iannazzone of Newsday reports Mark didn't exactly sound like a man up for the challenge of New York while describing the requirements of the job.

"Everybody's not made for New York City," Jackson said during a conference call Wednesday promoting the NBA Finals on ABC. "That's whether you're management, whether you're playing, whether you're coaching.

"I remember as a kid watching very good to great players play other places, be traded to the Knicks and not be the same type of player, whereas some propelled when they got the opportunity to put on a Knick uniform. And it's something about the fans. It's something about the pressure. It's something about the media.

"So to be quite honest, everybody is not built for it. It's a different animal. It's a different monster and it takes a special personality and a person understanding the things that come into play to a 'T'."

That doesn't sound like a guy looking to become the Knicks next head coach. It almost sounds like a guy terrified of even trying. Now, that doesn't mean he couldn't have a future stint with the team. However, the next head coach in Madison Square Garden probably will have a different name.

Right now Mark is looking to shed his reputation as difficult for front office personnel to deal with and as a poor boss to his assistant coaches. He wants that to all blow over and be forgotten about. He also knows Phil is looking for one of his guys to run the show in New York.

Phil has decided to target Derek Fisher. Only time will tell if Fisher will accept the position and, if so, if he's got what it takes to coach in New York. But if you can make it here you can make it anywhere right?

Well Mark did make it here. He's from here. Went to college here. He even played for the Knicks. However, he's never coached here and it doesn't sound like that will change in the immediate future.

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