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Rapper Ice Cube Believes Phil Jackson Regrets Joining New York Knicks

June 1st, 2014 at 11:42 AM
By Matt Agne

It's no secret how Los Angeles Lakers fans love Phil Jackson. For good reason, he had a lot of success on the west coast. However, part of their fans being bitter that Jackson's no longer their coach is talking poorly about his decision to join the New York Knicks. Famous rapper Ice Cube is a huge Lakers fan. He believes Jackson regrets joining the Knicks.

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Things haven't gone quite as smoothly as Phil Jackson probably thought they would when he joined the New York Knicks. The team finished the year without a playoff birth and Jackson failed to sign Steve Kerr as the team's next head coach. He also now has to deal with Carmelo Anthony's unsure future. That being said, does he regret joining New York?

TMZ caught up with Ice Cube on the street and he doesn't think joining the Knicks was a smart move for Jackson.

"I know Phil hates New York … at least coaching 'em. He may love the city but the team is GARBAGE."

The fact is, Jackson knew joining the Knicks and turning them around would be a big challenge. They were 37-45 this season. No one expects them to win a championship next season.

Furthermore, Jackson isn't in New York to coach. He's starting a career as an executive. That means he'll have to hire a new coach, make roster moves and get the team ready for the 2015 free agency period.

These remarks are simply a Lakers fan bitter Jackson is no longer there. He wants Jackson to be running Los Angeles not New York. He considers Jackson a Laker. There's probably lots of Chicago fans who felt he really belonged with the Bulls when he migrated to Los Angeles. It didn't make either of them right. It just makes them fans.

Jackson is a part of the Knicks organization now. Lakers fans and other NBA fans will just have to get use to that fact. Let the haters hate. That's probably a sign that hiring Jackson was a good move by James Dolan.

That being said, Byron Scott is a really good coach and would be a good choice for the Lakers. He wouldn't be a bad choice for the Knicks either. However, Derek Fisher is clearly the front runner.

'Ice Cube' photo (c) 2012, Eva Rinaldi - license:

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