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Golden State Warriors Will Pursue New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony as Free Agent

May 25th, 2014 at 11:02 AM
By Matt Agne

There's been plenty of speculation over New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony and his future. Will he leave via free agency? Will he re-sign with the Knicks? Will he take less in order to help his team build a championship worthy squad? Now a new team can be added to the Anthony market.

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There are many teams around the league that would love to add Carmelo Anthony to their roster should he leave the New York Knicks in free agency. When Anthony sat down with Phil Jackson and was told Steve Kerr would be the next head coach of the Knicks, Anthony was fine with playing under Kerr's watch. However, Kerr spurned New York to join the Golden State Warriors. Ironically, reports now have the Warriors in the market for Anthony's services in free agency. Kerr could end up coaching Anthony next season anyway despite the move to the west coast.

Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group reports the Golden State Warriors will pursue Carmelo Anthony in free agent.

If Love goes elsewhere, which is likely, the Warriors could package Lee and Thompson to get someone like Carmelo Anthony, then try to pull off a separate deal to get Afflalo.

Understand that there are many moving parts here. First of all, the report has the Warriors pursuing Kevin Love and Anthony. In order to do so the Warriors would need to move salary.

Klay Thompson has been a popular trade option. He's been attached to several teams via trade. However, the Warriors don't want to trade Thompson. Even if it means getting Love. They consider Thompson part of their future.

However, they also have David Lee they could trade. That's probably a player most Knicks fans wish they still had but the Warriors feel like trading Lee could go a long way towards changing their culture.

Getting rid of a player who is a double-double machine is a questionable move. Just ask the Knicks. That being said, clearly if you replace him with another double-double player in Love it's a different story. Especially when Love is such a long-range threat and the Warriors love to spread the floor and shoot three-pointers.

That being said, moving Lee’s contract wont be easy. However, there could be a few teams willing to take his contract on. Especially since he's such a productive player who can put up numbers on a good team or a bad team and he only has one more year left on his contract.

That being said, you'd have to find a team who would pay Lee $15,012,000 in 2014-15 and $15,493,680 in 2015-16. That's a high cost for someone not considered a superstar.

Like Love, Anthony could potentially play as a stretch-four which is what Steve Kerr is looking for. Adding either to Thompson, Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala would be almost impossible to stop on the offensive end.

Now with the Warriors in the mix, Anthony will have another option in addition to the Knicks, Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers who will pursue his services.

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